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5 Best Indian Movies that Every Child Should Watch

It’s that time of the year again where every kid receives special treatment and every adult misses that special treatment. This Children’s Day lets have a look at some movies that are sure to keep the child in you awake.


       The first film that strikes in our mind when we think of Indian movies for children!!!More than a movie about special children it is a movie about how to deal with these special children. 

Taare Zameen Par drives home a strong message, making you empathize with the kid, compelling you to draw parallels with your life, making one realize that some of the renowned geniuses were once scoffed at, but the world had to bow down to their intellect later.

Darsheel Safari was indeed a one-hit-wonder. It is impossible to imagine someone else as Ishaan.

Taare Zameen Par heralds the birth of a top-notch storyteller Aamir Khan. To choose a story that’s a far cry from the mundane stuff that’s being churned out like factory products requires courage and conviction, and to execute it with panache is a rarity.

taare zameen par


my dear kuttichathan
An unforgettable story of India’s 1st 3D movie, My Dear Kuttichathan continues to excite both kids and adults equally. A little spirit with a little drinking problem; to watch Kuttichathan and feel him right in front of you was more than a miracle back then in the 80s. 

The effort taken by the crew led by director Jijo Punnoose to create India’s first movie miracle should be given a special mention. Even though all the kids and the Kuttichathan MP Ramnath from the movie have grown really old the movie continues to spread the same freshness with every watch.


stanley ka dabba

               A beautiful depiction of poverty from a school going student’s perspective this movie will melt your hearts. Starring   Partho Gupte as Stanley the movie bagged several critic awards that year. Partho Gupte was surprisingly brilliant as Stanley. His eyes spoke so much about Stanley’s emotions.

Amol Gupte once again proved that he is magical with kids. The beauty of Stanley Ka Dabba lies in its sheer simplicity and authenticity. 

Almost all the adults have created a picture-perfect portrait of various types of teachers we all have grown up with. But in the end, it is the kids who walk away with all the laurels, especially Partho who’s Stanley remains with you, long after the curtain falls.


              National award for best film for children…rather unfair!! Kakka Muttai witnesses a splendid debut and proves to be a movie not just for kids but for people of all age gaps. The performance of every actor steals the moment. 

Kakka Muttai is a largely unsentimental look at hopes and dreams in miniature. 

Two brothers’ immense craving for pizza and their struggle in making up for the money Kakka Muttai offers an appealing approach to desires and trance. the movie is a delightful entertainer with a subtle message and is highly recommended to all movie lovers.

5. Chillar Party

chillar party 

Chillar Party is that film for kids that even an adult would enjoy watching. It is rich with innocence and how the elderly manipulated brains try to rob the kids of their innocence. Kids so no class division and construct. You are good to them, they will love you. That is the entire premise of the film. You will love it for sure.

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