The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review – A Political Propaganda?

the accidental prime minister
A still from The Accidental Prime Minister

Rating – 2/5

Cast – Anupam Kher, Akshay Khanna, Arjun Mathur, Ahaana Kumra, Anasooya Majumder,Vimal Verma

Director – Vijay Gutte

Movies involving politicians are always prone to controversy. The latest addition to the list is the Accidental Prime Minister, a movie adaptation on the life of former Indian prime minister-Dr.Manmohan Singh. Absolutely disappointing, this movie has been criticized for defaming India’s legendary political party. Well about their depiction of former PM, a line from the movie would summarize-“Bade Kamzor Insan Hain”. Even though the makers were successful in underlining the simplicity and morality of Dr.Singh; they seemed quite confused about whether to portray the man as an inefficient leader or a mere puppet of the Gandhi family.

By emphasizing the political gameplay by the Gandhis this film has raised a few eyebrows. The makers have shown how the powerful political family has influenced the history of Indian politics.

Rahul Gandhi (played by Arjun Mathur) and Priyanka Gandhi (Ahaana Kumra) have very little to do in the film. Suzenne Bernedette’s Sonia Gandhi is an exact look alike but lifeless. About Anupam Kher’s performance; his portrayal remained a mere imitation. The uncanny resemblance is worth praise but failed body language and voice modulation of the former minister adds on to the drawbacks of the film.

The film becomes more about his media advisor Sanjay Baru ( media advisor to Manmohan Singh from 2004 to 2008) ; played the very versatile Akshay Khanna. It is Akshay who adds the much-needed drama to the film. It is he who has the film’s few finely honed lines — “It’s been a while since we had a Prime Minister who didn’t have family members in real estate,” he smiles. Sanjay Baru later explains how he lost the minister’s trust and friendship due to certain incidents that took place.

The film is not a typical Bollywood film with twists and suspense rather it shrinks to a documentary of major political events that took place in the country.

With polls right around the corner, the timing of The Accidental Prime minister does not seem like an accident. Anupam Kher himself is a supporter of a major political party (BJP ofcourse) and is married to an MP of the same party.

Also, the “major poltical party” shared the trailer through their official social media paving way to more controversy. Reacting to this, a congress spokesperson accused the film being a “political propaganda”.

However, the makers of the film have come forward to rubbish the allegations against their movie. They claim that there is no political propaganda behind the film. It’s good to hear that.

The film adaptation of the book with the same name has nothing much to offer. The audacity of the makers in bringing out the real names related to major political events deserves an appreciation. It would have been great if the writers focussed more on improving individual characters and just on the political events.

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