Are Film Awards like FilmFare Biased?

Ain’t it a great feeling when we get recognition for a job well done? It feels great and inspires us to do better work. This recognition can be anything- applause from the audience, standing ovation, salary hike..and even an award. 
But looking at the current records, I’m doubtful whether it would be right to include awards as a form of appreciation and recognition for good work. While the crew applauds the history their film, Gully Boy, created by sweeping around thirteen awards at Filmfare, many are not quite happy with the judgment. Not that Gully Boy is an undeserving film, it truly is a masterpiece and thought-provoking film. But the award night raised a few eyebrows with their judgment. Siddhant Chaturvedi winning the best supporting actor was one of the best things to happen that night. So was Amruta Subhash winning Best supporting actress.
Alia had little screen time, which she did exceptionally well. However, was that worth a ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’? Priyanka Chopra was definitely better with her come-back film The Sky is Pink. Also, the point of giving Tapsee the ‘Best actress critic’s choice’ is also unclear.

gully boy
Gully Boy team at Filmfare

And about the ‘Best Female Debut’, Ananya Pandey! Her co-star Tara Sutaria had performed much better in that pointless film, ‘student of the year 2’. Well, now we can’t complain about #BoycottFilmfare going viral on Twitter.

ananya pandey
Ananya Pandey with her award
 National Awards and State Awards have always been a savior of true talent though a couple of times the results have been quite confusing and disappointing.

A certain Malayalam movie award night became a joke with the kind of winners and movies that won the award. Only multi-starrer and star-studded movies, in spite of failing at the box office miserably, were handpicked for the award. The intention can only be summarised as the fan base of these actors that could help the channel do better business. Are that what awards should be for? Everything already planned and real talent and hard work are given the least importance. The circumstances have dropped so low that, actors and singers are asked to perform for the award night and return are offered an award!!!

Things need to change. It takes a lot of effort to make a good film. Eluding those efforts is a discouragement for makers to come up with better work. Every award shelved should have a meaning and the one receiving it should have a sense of satisfaction rather than ‘oh ok, I’ll dance for the night in return!!’ Awards should not be a scam, they should an honorable achievement.

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