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Raskutty makes Super Deluxe mind-blowing

It was the ideas more than the storytelling that made Super Deluxe a path-breaking narrative, a film that deserves more than one watch to understand the depth of the narrative and characterization.
The film is a blend of everything; there is ambition, sexuality, romance, political commentary, porn, black comedy, some WTF moment, and most importantly it has Raskutty!!
Ashwanth as Raskutty

Raskutty is love!

When the entire family was in shock to see Manickam’s gender transformation, Raskutty embraced his father, who is now a woman with all his heart.
When Raskutty’s friends tease him for his father being a transgender, he replies with sheer innocence and confidence-“That’s just my dad’s style!”
It is moments like these that make us fall in love with this cute fellow.
He not even for a second felt embarrassed of his father, unlike the rest of his family. In fact, he took in great pride of his father’s identity.
Manickam (Raskutty’s father) who is now Shilpa is mocked and humiliated for her gender identity. She was being denied the right to her gender identity and felt extremely helpless. And that’s why she decides to leave for the sake of her son.
Raskutty at that moment gives us some pretty serious thought which even adults failed to have a look at. He says – ” It doesn’t matter to me whether you are a man or a woman. All that matters to me is you staying here with me forever. “
Sometimes to accept people for who they are, we need to look through the eyes of a 7-year-old.
Unlike others, Raskutty does not judge, be like Raskutty !! Ashwanth Ashokkumar, the boy who played Raskutty will someday grow up to become a great actor.

The remaining cast

Speaking of actors, the casting of the film is a delight. Everyone is at their career-best. As Shilpa, Vijay Sethupathy made us feel the pain and humiliation a person like her would have to go through. There is no argument on who else could play Shilpa so convincingly. It is his element in the entire film that makes us gasp for breath.
Vijay Sethupathy as Shilpa
In a scene where a heartless and horny cop tries to molest Shilpa is just too hard to watch. Is it a reality for the transgender community in our country? We never know. Bhagavathy Perumal brings out the dirty cop so realistically that we desperately want to kill him.
Samantha and Fahadh were amazing as a couple with a disturbed marriage and are at the task of disposing of a dead body without anyone’s knowledge. They shared amazing chemistry and their bittersweet romance wins our hearts. To see Samantha come out of her usual sense of films and perform Venbu with perfection shows how much she has transformed as an actor.
Samantha as Venbu
Ramya Krishnan, Myskinn, and all the newcomer kids outshone in the film with their stellar performances. Myskinn who plays Arputham is made to question his blind belief in God while his wife Leela (played by Ramya Krishnan) is trying desperately to save her son, who just realized that his mother is a former porn star.
The segment with the kids trying to get a new TV is just beyond galaxy(literally!)
The film takes you through four parallel stories that find a connection between them at the end. The four stories are totally unique and fresh. This is what makes this film stand out in the usually-cliched Tamil film industry. These are the kind of experiments we need in Indian cinema.
Not all experiments work, but Tyagaraja Kumaran’s mindblowing film had all the ingredients for a successful experiment. The film took the road less traveled and yet turned out to be thought-provoking and entertaining.
The film is nothing less than genius. The director through his narrative, questions the concepts of morality and how humans create and exploit their own boundaries. In the end, the film leaves you wondering and test your belief in God and humanity.
 Here’s to one year of Super Deluxe!

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