THE SUPERHEROES IN WHITE – when movies showed us the struggles of doctors!

dr abid virus
Dr. Abid from the movie Virus
“Please don’t tell me he died!!”
As he says so, we sense the desperation in Dr.Abid’s (from the Malayalam film Virus) tone to see his patient alive at any cost. In that single scene, what we see is not just Dr.Abid but the entire community of doctors who sincerely work day and night to save hundreds of patients who come to them daily for treatment. 

Their relentless service often goes unnoticed. In this emergency situation where the entire world is being eaten up by the deadly coronavirus, doctors and nurses are going through the toughest times of their life with some of them being infected and some others not able to see their family. 

rima kallingal virus
Rima Kallingal as Akhila

Sister Akhila in Virus(2019, Malayalam) brings to the screen one such a nurse who got infected while she selflessly took care of a patient infected by the Nipah virus. Her final words for her family, which she pens down will make one cry his eyes out. The letter was a testament to sister Lini’s will to live more. 

Dr. Ravi Tharakan, an altruistic doctor risking his profession to save a life is nothing but a summation of all the stages a doctor goes through- from being a lazy medical student to evolving as one of the finest doctors in the country. 

dr ravi tharakan
Dr. Ravi Tharakan

In him, we see a reflection of all those hard-working selfless doctors who are no less than are forced to being reduced into a mere money-minting machine. Dr. Ravi Tharakan from Ayalum Njanum Thammil(2012, Malayalam) affirms that it is the satisfaction of seeing his patients alive and healthy that matters more than the money thrown to a doctor by the medical corporate giants.

Suddenly with the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Contagion, a film released in 2011 got a whole new wave of downloads since we find everything in the film so relatable with current circumstances. We find Kate Winslet’s Dr.Erin Mears struggling to find a solution to put a stop to the spread of the disease but hey!!! spoilers from my part if you are still waiting to watch this jaw-dropping movie. Like Kate Winslet said, “These are people who can be sent into war zones where there’s been an outbreak of a new virus. Fear is not an option. If they feel it, they learn to push it aside.”Well, this would apply not just to Dr.Erin Mears but all those people who are tirelessly working, giving up their sleep and food just to save our lives. Photos of them lying on the hospital corridors, all exhausted, went viral in the social media and really got us all bummed out. We have no idea how long this may continue, weeks, months or even a year!! 

While we are here ‘working from home’ or unemployed, there is an army of doctors who are not willing to give up. While we expressed our gratitude and appreciation to them on the Janata Curfew day at 5pm reaching out from our balconies, we should not forget that it is not just about a single day. 

The least we could apart from clapping hands and clanging utensils is to follow the rules as instructed by the government- stay home and clean your hands frequently so that the doctors and nurses can go home sooner! Our superheroes in the white coat do need a break because they are the miracles we talk about!!

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