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Best Indian Courtroom Dramas You Will Enjoy!

What does justice being served to the deserving people look like? What is the process that happens for this justice to be served? Movies play a crucial role in giving us an insight into the legal system and its working.
I have handpicked some of my favorite Indian courtroom dramas that you might enjoy.


1. Jolly LLB 2 (Hindi)

Jolly LLB 2

One of Akshay Kumar’s best films recently, Jolly LLB 2 is the sequel to Arshad Warsi starrer, Jolly LLB. The film starts as a humorous courtroom entertainer and concludes as a serious, thought-provoking drama. It takes a toll on extrajudicial killings and culprit framing that happens in our country. Saurabh Shukla as a lazy judge waiting to get done with his job adds to the much-needed humor in the film.


2. Melvilasam (Malayalam)



Melvilasam is a movie that stars Suresh Gopi as a defender to a local soldier who is accused of assaulting his superiors in a fit of rage. There are eyewitnesses to the event who are clueless as to what led him to indulge in this action. Eventually, as the reason for this act is revealed, we are left teary-eyed and numb. No songs, no leading ladies, but the film is complete in its content.

3. Pink (Hindi)

pink hindi movie

Pink is one of the finest films ever made in Bollywood. With intriguing and thrilling court procedures, Pink explains and defines to us the significance of consent of a woman. It becomes more relevant and inspiring when a male lawyer takes up the duty to do so. No one better than Amitabh Bachchan could have pulled off this role. The three women in the movie have done a brilliant job conveying to us their helplessness and innocence. The chills we get during the final judgment is everything that this film stands for. 

4. Oh My God (Hindi)

Oh My god

A man goes to court to fight his case against God; this is the plot of Oh My God. And as you must have guessed, it is a really funny and thought-provoking film. Paresh Rawal plays Kanjilal Mehta, a cunning small business owner, who has lost his shop in an unexpected earthquake. The insurance company denies his claim citing the earthquake as an Act of God. Resolute to get his insurance money, Kanjilal summons every messenger of God to the court. With its refreshing content, the film is worth a watch and questions on our symbolizing of God.


5. Mulk (Hindi)

Mulk Hindi movie


Islamophobia is a not-so-discussed topic in our country. Despite being a diverse country that accommodates the myriads of religions and cultures, there have been incidents citing exclusion of the Muslim community in our country. Mulk is an audacious film that discusses not just Islamophobia but also terrorism. Taapsee Pannu and Rishi Kapoor are brilliant in their roles. Mulk is a film that we should watch at least once in our life.


6. Ponmagal Vandal (Tamil)

Ponmagal Vandhal review

A 15-year-old case reopens as Venba (played by Jyothika) sets out to investigate the truth about Psycho Jothi, who was accused of killing two men and kidnapping and murdering innocent young girls. The court battle between Parthipan and Jyothika heats up the mood, and the sequential unveiling of some dark truths makes it a courtroom mystery combo. 


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