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Here’s how Movies had us Drooling over the Delicacies Served on Screen!

Over a month in lockdown and we are having fun bringing out the finest chef in us, aren’t we? With no more burgers, pizzas, and all the junk food that we lured for, we have tightened our aprons and put on our caps to answer the hunger cry of our stomach.

We wake up to social media filled with stories and feed of these lockdown chefs. While watching a movie, it feels incomplete to sit there without a bucket of hot buttery popcorn in your hand. So, it won’t be wrong to say that movies and food share a bond somewhere.

While we are missing out on our favorite cuisines and restaurants, why not cherish the homely food, which is our root in the end? The film Lunchbox(2013) is an ode to the love for home-made food that we have left somewhere long back in time.  It reminds us how tasty homely food can take us back home and make us feel loved and ensuring us hope.

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They say the food is the way to a man’s heart. In the film Lunchbox, what Ila cooked and sent to her husband was not just his lunch, it was her time and effort to show how much she loved him. It was the only way she could grab his attention, or she thought so! It was her destiny that the lunchbox she prepared accidentally went to a person who admired her for her cooking and respected her for that.

Assamese movie Aamis explores a romance culminated over food through a totally different lens. Assam has a cuisine that has a rich variety of meat and this obsession with meat brings two people together.


Malayalam film Salt and Pepper(2011) is not just about gastronomically appealing love. It does not just awaken our taste buds by enticing visuals of the delightful rainbow cake but also reminds us of how delicious the common Kerala dishes like Pazhampori and dosa are which was somewhere getting lost in our newly found cravings for western cuisine.

ustaad hotel

Talking of traditional Kerala cuisine, images of warm brown unniyappams, crisp banana chips, sinfulKozhikode halwa, Kerala fish curry, piping hot puttu, and kadala, and tempting Malabar dum biriyani made our mouth water as the Malayalam film Ustad hotel(2012) filled the screen with these extravagant dishes.

The movie not just made us drool over them but also reminded of the many who may not be privileged to afford a single day’s meal. It reminded us that every portion of food that we waste could have been the answer to at least three people’s constant hunger.

Stanley ka Dabba is a heart-wrenching tale of one such orphan who can hardly afford his lunch. There are many such Stanleys who are left with no other choice than to remain hungry for the rest of the day. Movies like Stanley ka Dabba and Ustad Hotel reaffirm how respecting the food in front of you is nothing less than godliness.

To all the lockdown chefs reading this – keep going with their creativity and experiments but keep in mind those umpteen people who are stuck without basic supplies for their home.

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