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6 Best Road Trip Movies to Watch this Lockdown!

All the summer plans ruined right! The fun of planning a trip, packing essentials, and reaching your destination; definitely missing all that aren’t you?  While you are still stuck at home, why don’t you go watch these travel movies and relive the fun of being out on the road before you forget how it is used to be to travel with your friends and family.



“I don’t want this road to end”; says Heera who is out exploring a world she always wanted to see. In the entire journey, Heera forgot the fact that she has been actually kidnapped. As Heera peeks through the window of the truck in amusement and awestruck by the beautiful nature, we totally feel her. That is the magic of this film.
Like Heera, we also experience a sense of liberation through the journey. Imtiaz Ali has captured the refreshing greenery and exquisite snow of our country and expressed it through Heera’s eyes.



Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself. This lies at the heart of Karwaan. Not all journeys wind up the way you’d imagined, and yet, they put things into perspective, be it life or relationships. The film feels a lot like that. It starts off as an incoherent, bumpy ride that takes multiple unwanted detours, before finding its true calling.
Along with a stellar performance by the late Irrfan Khan, Karwaan offers a funny ride of emotions and self-revelations in the backdrop of the state of Kerala ensuring to capture the beautiful greenery of the place.

3.Neelaksham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhumi

neelakasham pachakadal chuvanna bhoomi still
The title of the movie really connects as it visually stuns you with wide firmaments, the deep waters, and the picturesque world around. Kasi and Suni take it to the roads to find their answers. Their journey is less about the destination and more about looking through their inner selves.
Their motorcycles, signboards, and milestones also become a character of the movie as the duo embark on a journey from Kozhikode to North East. The right music and cinematography make the whole movie a visual treat.
4.Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
zindagi na milegi dobara
As three college friends initiate an adventurous road trip across Spain, they liberate themselves from all the bindings from the world. In this journey, they free themselves from the fears that pulled them back from enjoying many things in life.
Their journey is a blend of funny, intense, and liberating moments. The best part is how the makers have used the virgin locations of Spain as a catalyst rather than a gimmick for the whole narrative.

5. Piku


A blissfully touching movie, Piku has a journey from Delhi to Kolkata as a significant element. It is this journey that introduces Rana to Piku and her family. The hustle between three leads during this road trip is delightful to watch.
The journey exposes a bit of all the three and we get to know the characters better. The Dhaba food and the beautiful city of Banaras make the two and a half-day journey more elegant.

6.Little Miss Sunshine

little miss sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine is an American road comedy-drama that is about a family who hit it to the roads in their old Volks Wagen bus so that their young daughter can take part in the beauty contest in California. A rather dysfunctional family, the Hoovers have every member of the family suffering from some kind of internal conflict.
The entire journey gets them into a lot of trouble before they finally make it to the event. How the family stands strong by being there for each other is what the film is all about. The movie leaves you with a bitter-sweet smile.
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