From Kai Po Che to Chhichhore – Sushant Singh Rajput

This year is not getting any better. The third to the list of the fabulous actors we lost this year is Sushant Singh Rajput, after Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came in as a shock to the entire nation. The news was just too difficult to believe and I prayed for the news to be fake.

sushant in kai po che
Sushant in his debut film Kai Po Che


Over a span of a few years, Sushant had established himself as a promising actor for the industry. The characters he played were all unique and worth remembering for generations.

Ishaan from the Abhishek Kapoor film Kai Po Che(2013) was full of optimism; his eyes were filled with hopes and dreams. And Anni from Chhichhore was resolute; resolute to just not give up no matter how hard life gets. Alas, Sushant’s life turned out to be opposite to his films. Well, movies and life, they are extremely different, aren’t they?

We seek to live a starry life but forget to see through it at times. Even our favorite stars are coping up with anxieties and difficulties in life. But what was the anxiety that pushed him to take such a huge step is still a mystery.

anni from chichhore
Sushant in Chichhore

Sushant Singh Rajput was Indian cinema’s new hope. In an industry where your genes make your entry and success easier, this ambitious young man paved his own way and created his own niche. Can you imagine a middle-class boy, extremely brilliant in academics (7th rank in AIEEE and more) drop out of college to pursue his true passion of acting? Sushant knew what he wanted and worked hard audaciously making his own mark in the industry with just a few movies.

Not kidding but he was an inspiration to many kids like me back then. Not everyone shows the courage to run after what he/she really wants. But with his early demise, all those young minds inspired by him are stuck, doubting themselves, questioning whether dreaming beyond limits comes at such a huge cost!

Excelling at each performance, Sushant was indeed a fantastic actor, one of the best to be precise. His passion for dance is also not a secret.

May it be a loving and hopeful Ishaan in Kai Po Che, a struggling and humble cricketer in MS Dhoni- An untold story, or a resolute Anni in Chhichhore, Sushant always knew how to leave every character in the audience’s heart. He left behind a legacy. To watch his to-release movie Dil Bechara is going to extremely difficult for each one of us.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise is going to be a huge setback to the film fraternity.

We will miss him and all I want to say to his soul is-“We just hadn’t had enough of you”.  But I guess the only way to feel his electrifying presence is through his movies.

While we, his audience, and fans are unable to cope up with this loss, just imagine the pain his family would be going through. At this moment, my heart goes out to Sushant Singh Rajput’s family. May God give them the strength to overcome this pain.

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