New Face Indian Web Series – Quality Content and Global Heights!

You can’t deny the fact that some amazing web series made our lockdown entertaining. With an array of web series lined up in popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, our country is restructuring its global representation in terms of online content. That’s a whole new achievement. 

There was a time when we depended only on foreign web content to spend our leisure time. But now we have amazing Indian content that is worth a competition with the so-called foreign online content.

A challenge to senseless and lack of content-driven cinema

Most of the time, what we celebrate in the theatres is the popularity and brand value of the actors, making the content quality of the film the second important thing. But when it comes to OTT, things have taken a different route.

It is the quality of the content that matters in OTT. And being marveled by the layered plots and characters, people are resorting to their screens rather than wasting time on movies that have nothing in particular to offer. They bring back the notion of creativity that is being lost in the glamorous and money-making world of Bollywood movies.


Will OTT content be a threat to Bollywood is a relevant question in this time of growing popularity of web series. Well, as long as Bollywood resorts to glamor quotient alone for the success of the movie, Indian OTT content is going to be a serious threat to Bollywood.


Deserving actors for deserving characters

These OTT series offer us layered and shady characters that are immortalized with some spectacular performances. We should be happy to have a bunch of talented actors on board that keep up with the quality that these web series are offering. 

May it be Jaideep Ahlawat from Paatal Lok or Jeetendra Kumar from Panchayat, their top-notch portrayal of the respective characters is garnering superlatives and improving their reputation as actors.

With performances-oriented roles slowing down for the mainstream actors, it looks like even they are resorting to the small screens. It all started with Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games. What an amazing performance! Not kidding, but it was definitely better than is National Award-winning act in Hum Tum!

Saif Ali Khan

Also, in a web series, unlike in movies, it is not the good guy who takes away the entire show. Even the bad guys and the entire supporting cast have their significant share of performance in the show. It won’t be wrong to say that the show is taken away by the brilliant performances and not the ‘good guy’ alone.

Ganesh Gaitonde and Hathoda Tyagi are a few of those unforgettable villains of over the top (OTT) world. Radhika Apte became a constant presence and Indian representation in the OTT platforms.

Fortunately, web series does not endorse nepotism, talent beats everything.


The audience is also getting better

We always crave something fresh and new. True, the hunger for entertainment has hiked in the lockdown days, but our craving for good material to watch is constant. And our web series is now satisfying us with their variant and delicious treat.

You know, the reason why these characters stay in our heads for a long time is because of their astounding relatability. With the raw depiction of people of different class constructs and also the hidden layers of our society, these series offer a reality check and reflection of what generally goes unnoticed.
The characters do not have a larger-than-life aura like in most of our movies.

Speaking up audaciously on caste differences and other political issues and engraving it in fine work of filmmaking, these series create a difference in our viewing experience!

Netflix series Sacred Games received an Emmy nomination around a year back. Maybe this is the start of our global representation. It is undoubtedly a blowhorn for our competitive content that meets the quality of foreign web series.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

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