The Rising Internet Hate Bash and the Bollywood’s Nepotism Debate

“Nepotism can co-exist and there is nothing wrong in it. But when real talent is pushed away then there is a problem”

No one has made such a logical and sensible argument on the nepotism debate than Sushant himself. Yes, nepotism can co-exist but when the real talent is disregarded to make way for star kids, then there is a huge problem.
The nepotism debate spurred controversy ever since Kangana Ranaut’s bold remarks on the controversial show Koffee with Karan and today after the untimely demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, it has taken a whole new dimension. The blame game is at its peak and boycott hashtags are trending. 
But if you look back 20-25 years back, you will see a Bollywood that had both star kids and outsiders positively competing to do the best of their abilities to fetch a reputation. Both of their films did well and earned a huge fan base.

 May it be Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit or the star kids Saif Ali Khan and Amir Khan, people loved them for their work and not their lineage. 
But today things have undoubtedly changed a lot. The motto for a successful film has become “launch a star kid” rather than “focus on quality content”.And that has caused all the arousals on Internet. An actor’s success is being associated with his/her lineage and that is not something we should be proud of. This is unintentionally affecting some real talents from getting better opportunities and live their dream. 
Not all nepo products are useless but some are the ones who take their success for granted definitely are. They are not driven by any desire to excel in their craft because their overconfidence of always being safe in the industry dominates everything. The recent situation has stooped the standards of the industry.

anushka sharma

However, in an interview, Anushka did clarify that the whole nepotism thing has never got in her way career and that every person has a different journey. Deepika, Ranveer Singh, and Vicky Kaushal are few who have come so far on the strength of their talent alone without getting in the mess of nepotism. Well, nepotism does spare a few it seems, thank god!!
To act and be accepted by the audience is a dream of any passionate actor as much as it is of a star kid. Both deserve to get an opportunity to prove themselves( though it is a bit easy for the latter) but it is the best of all who deserves to rule the hearts…..
And it is up to us to decide who the best of all is. Before we bash hate and scream on the internet to ban Dharma Production and YRF, let us take a moment as an audience to look back on whom and why we promoted. As an audience, it is our accountability to give a shout out to the right craft and right artist. It is we who should stand up for the right talent and good content.

karan johar
Karan Johar with Sushant Singh
What happened with Sushant was rather unfortunate. He was thrown out seven films back to back turning him all hopeless. But what was his fault in the end? That he wanted to be part of films where his heart went and not films that are going to business material? 

Well, here the fault does lie on the side of makers, and with the fire spreading fast and their dark secrets leaking out, they are definitely getting cautious and that is indeed a relief.

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