There’s Astounding Relatability Between these Characters!

There is just so much similarity between Dr.Sean from Good Will Hunting and Dr.Jug from Dear Zindagi

“The Healers of the Broken Past” is what I would love to call these amazingly lovely men, owing to how effortlessly they pull out the leading characters drowning in their tormenting past. 

Therapy is highly underwhelming in our society today. But these two gems just remind us of the wonders a therapy session can do to our lives. They assure us that there is no need to feel embarrassed about it and that it is the right thing to do sometimes. 

Dr.Sean (Robin Williams)

robin williams

Dr. Sean by Robin Williams is that ray of hope in Will Hunting’s life who helps him step out of his horrible past and make a life for himself, the one he is truly worthy of. Will is held hostage to his broken past, a childhood where he was tortured and abused by his foster father. But he pretends that he is over it and not bothered by any of it.

In spite of being introduced to many other therapists and counselors, it is Dr.Sean that touched his life. The reason is quite simple, Dr.Sean could really see through Will’s broken life, how he tries to push everyone aside before getting close. Well, some people are like that, they find it hard to trust people just like that. It is this trust that Dr.Sean earned, one which Will never gave to anybody.

Dr.Jug (Sharukhan)

dear zindagi

Dr. Jahangir, or as we love to call him, Dr.Jug is yet another character who imparts wisdom in a way we would love to hear. Kiara’s situation was not as worse as Will’s but yet she too faced trust issues and felt insecure about her most of the time. 

It is just beautiful to see how Dr.Jug lifts her out of her insecurities and tormenting childhood memory. And then on, we see her all happy, embracing her beautiful life. By the end of the film, we too are left longing to have a person like that in our lives ain’t we! Like Kaira, we too can’t help but fall in love with a fascinating Dr.Jug.

Both Dr.Sean and Dr.Jug had their own problems to deal with, but that never let them stop from helping out other people, desperately in need of help. 

While Dr.Sean was an academically brilliant man who chose a less glamorous profession compared to his friends, he never let their mocking generate second thoughts about the profession he opted to pursue, to interact with different kinds of people and help them become a better self. 
Dr.Jug on the other hand had an unsuccessful marriage but is strong enough to deal with it.

Remember the last sessions both Kiara and Will have with their therapists. It is like something magical just ended. It is impossible to thank them with just words. When Kiara hugs Dr.Jug just like Will hugging Dr.Sean, we feel a sense of closure, above all gratitude beyond words for changing their lives.

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