Reminiscing Hostel Life with Bollywood film Chhichhore

 There’s no doubt about how well Bollywood film Chhichhore made us embrace our failures instead of giving up on ourselves. But there is another important aspect of the film that has all my heart and admiration – the nostalgic hostel days. This film is the closest you can ever get to relive your hostel days. 

If you have ever experienced hostel life, the movie is sure to give you a walk down memory lane. If you haven’t, you are sure to be taken right back into the stereotype college dorm days tales you’ve heard about from your loved ones.

The song  ‘Woh Din bhi kya din the‘ from Chhichhore sums up everything about typical hostel life. The writers Nitesh Tiwari, Nikhil Mehrotra, and Piyush Gupta infuse the hostel scenes with energy, mischief, humor, and cadence. Here’s how Chhichhore made us reminiscence our hostel days.

Nicknames exclusive for hostel mates

Anyone with a cherishable hostel life just can’t agree more. These nicknames are mostly based on a particularly embarrassing incident or a particular trait about that person. A porn-addicted Saxena being called ‘Sexa’, acidic and aggressive Himanshu becoming ‘Acid’, and Sundar Srivastav who always misses his mother being called ‘Mummy’ are just a few to mention. There is no escape from these tags, you like it or not.

Most memorable celebrations with limited resources

Random jamming sessions, birthday parties on quick notice and other celebrations for tiny but significant affairs is the story you can hear from every hostler. In a scene, the boys grab Sexa by his hands and feet to celebrate his birthday. And the cake? a simple chocolate pastry with a candle on it; that is the simplest way to put every hostel birthday celebration. Hostel life teaches us that celebrations are not about grand gestures and a big birthday cake, it is about having loads of fun with people you love with limited resources available.

Pulling a prank


There are so many scenes in the song “who don bhi kya din the” where Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput), Acid (Naveen Polishetty), Sexa (Varun), and Mummy (Tushar Pandey) pull a prank on each other. It’s just another addition to the “best part of the hostel”. Let the reason to dig pleasure and peace on annoying our roommates remain a mystery!

Hostel fests are a ritual

In Chhichhore you see a sports competition between many hostels on the campus. For Anni, Derek, and other inmates of H3, it was not just a game, it was a battle to prove their worth, that they are not losers. The hostel is who they were and they would not let anyone take that away from them. Not every college is as big as the campus in Chhichhore and hence may not have many hostels. But that does not come in the way of organizing hostel fests. An exclusive fest that spans all day, sometimes even night is every hostel’s thing. 

Sharing Everything

chhichore movie

Sharing is the essence of hostel life. From brand new clothes to adult magazines and unwanted advices, sharing is like a ritual in every hostel, and that’s exactly what the little moments in Chhichhore try to emphasize. Chhichhore reminds you that your friends are your family in the hostel and hence you share everything with them. You learn and grow with your friends, who, in turn, become a huge part of your life. 


Doing the ‘prohibited activities’

A hostel is a place where you finally find yourself free and independent. So, this is the time you find yourself doing all the naughty and once prohibited activities, like smoking, drinking beer, late-night trips, etc. This is shown in Chhichhore in a 3-second scene where Sexa teaches Anni to smoke. While some do get themselves in trouble, many are lucky to escape neatly. 

Hostel life is all about friends, life, and memory. There’s no film as brilliant as Chhichhore that says this loud and clear.

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