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Laugh a little today with Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime

Hey you, the one reading this! You have been keeping a lot in these tough times and deserve a little laugh. Here’s a list of the best comedy movies on Amazon Prime that can help you with that.

1. Borat-Subsequent Movie Film (2020)

Borat –Subsequent movie film is the sequel to the 2006 movie Borat. Though there are minor references from the prequel, you can watch Borat-Subsequent movie film without watching the first installment as well. The comedy is a mix of scripted and improved bits. The lead actor Sasha Baron Cohen interacts with the crowd as a fictional character and most people are unaware that they are being part of a film. The jokes are very simple and at times even political, because of which the film also landed up in lots of controversies.

2. The Dictator (2013)

Yet another political mockery by comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, The Dictator is a funny take about an Arabian dictator’s life. He executes people just because they refuse to agree with him. The movie is not improv-type humor like Borat. The film is a fun take and you will definitely burst into laughter. The Dictator is undoubtedly one of the best comedy movies on Amazon Prime.

3. Ocean’s 8 (2018)

The Ocean’s series is a collection of classic heist Hollywood movies. The first installment of the series, Ocean’s 11, had a bevy of superstars and was a huge success. Ocean’s 8 is the last of this series so far and has some of the leading ladies of Hollywood, like Sandra Bullock, Anna Hathaway, etc. as the executors of the heist. How the ladies make the heist work out is funny and thrilling to watch.

4. Liar Liar (1997)

Jim Carrey is a man with exceptional comic timing. Liar Liar has Jim Carrey explore his best comic side as an advocate, Fletcher Reed, who built his entire career by lying.  But on a sporadic occasion, he is challenged with speaking only the truth for the next 24 hours. Funny events unwrap as Fletcher tries to keep up with the challenge for the given time limit.

5. The Big Sick (2019)

The Big Sick is a movie inspired by the real-life relationship between Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily who also co-wrote the film. The film is funny, warm and very real. The relationship that is shown in the movie is nothing over the top cliché mainstream ones. It is pure, authentic, and very simple. The Big Sick is more of a romantic comedy than a full-length comedy movie.

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6. The Hangover -Part 1,2 and 3

You will automatically search for the second and third parts if you have finished watching the first, that’s how funny the film is. The common premise of the movie is – three friends get so drunk that they can’t remember what happened last night and wake up to realize that someone among them is missing. Zach Galifianakis is the funniest of the three friends, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms being the other two. There is no way you will not find this one funny.

7. Sex and the City- Part One and Two

Sex and the City is the movie version of the popular sitcom with the same name. The movie starts from where the series ended and explores the complex, quirky sisterhood in the funniest way possible.

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