My favorite shows and movies from September

September saw some amazing shows and movies across several OTT platforms. Though I could not watch all of them, I did watch some shows and movies that I was rooting for. Here’s a list of shows and movies that I loved in September, let me know yours in the comment.

1.Kaanekaane (Malayalam Movie)

tovino kaanekaane

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Kaanekaane is the first Malayalam movie to release on SonyLIV. The movie, directed by Manu Ashokan (Uyare fame), is a family-mystery drama and thriller that explores the complexity of relationships. The movie stars Tovino Thomas, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Suraj Venjaramoodu, and Shruthy Ramachandran in the main roles. The movie has an exciting story and keeps us hooked till the end. The performances by the actors also deserve special mention, especially Suraj Venjaramood. The man can pull off anything effortlessly.

2. Brooklyn 99 season 8 (American Sitcom)

Brooklyn 99 featured image

The eighth season, which also happened to be the final season of the much-loved sitcom, was a perfect goodbye. The episodes of this season may not have been as funny as the previous expeditions but the final episode is hilarious. I was expecting the finale of Brooklyn 99 to happen during its 9th episode in the 9th season but looks like we have to settle with this. It is interesting how the writers of the show conflate the current tension looming over the NYPD with Brooklyn 99’s narrative.

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3. Sunny (Malayalam Movie)

Sunny Malayalam Movie on Prime

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I have always been an admirer of the Ranjith Sankar- Jayasurya combo. This time the duo is back with their recent Amazon Prime release, Sunny. Sunny is a time travel to the quarantine days of 2020 when the pandemic set everything to a standstill. Jayasurya plays the titular character, Sunny, an NRI who returns to his country but is confined in a high-end hotel for quarantine, as per the protocol. There aren’t many characters in the movie. The ones that are there make pseudo appearances through their voices. Sunny may not be a perfect film but it is soothing and comforting to a certain extent. I was thoroughly engrossed throughout the movie, maybe because it took me back to those days of solitude.

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4. Criminal Season 2 (UK Series)

criminal uk

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I remember being impressed after watching the first season of Criminal. Every episode explored a story and how the detectives unraveled the mystery surrounding these stories was thrilling to watch. So, without doubt, I jumped on to the second season of Criminal, and I was in for a surprise. The second season turned out to be much better than the first one. The drama and storytelling were a notch higher and detailed filmmaking made the whole atmosphere so eerie and mysterious. It is surprising to note that the entire investigation happens in a single room, within the four walls, there are no flashbacks, just verbal dialogues between the characters. Yet we are taken on a riveting experience.  I would highly recommend this show to everyone interested in mystery thrillers.

5. Sex Education Season 3 (UK Teenage Drama)

otis and eric from sex education

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Sex Education Season 3 was the show I was desperately waiting for this year. The show is extremely close to my heart. The show is about a bunch of teenagers, studying in Moordale Higher Secondary School, who explore themselves as individuals after going through heartbreaks, healing through their past traumas, and owning their individuality. Since I was in that growing phase, this show stayed with me. But contrary to my expectation, the third season was more about Adam, Ruby, and Eric and less about Otis and Maeve. There were several striking and heartfelt moments in this season that I just could not get enough of the series!

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