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The World of Rockstar – 10 Years of Rockstar!

Over these ten years, Rockstar has received cult status and is one of the finest Indian movies ever made. Why is Rockstar so special and celebrated? Honestly, it is hard to sum it up in words.

Keeping aside the story, music, cast, and everything, there is a certain way Rockstar makes us feel. Liberated, free? We feel Jordan, his desperation to make sense of life and love. We feel his vulnerability and the chaos in his mind. Imtiaz Ali has a knack for representing broken, vulnerable characters who are in search of meaning and purpose, who are desperate for genuine love and attention. But Jordan is one of the finest such characters he has written.

After Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, and Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz Ali took a different route and came up with an intense film for the first time. We only see the glittering and glamorous side of famous people. Rockstar peeks into the life behind this stardom. He uses Jordan’s character to explore all the extreme aspects of a creative persona.

The journey of Janardhan to Jordan is not something that inspires but just happens along the way. Janardhan’s dream of becoming the next Jim Morrison sees no fruit as he is certified as talentless. His music has no emotion or pain, something which is very crucial for a singer. And when that pain strikes, Janardhan’s transition to Jordan begins. He has everything that he wanted but feels incomplete and hollow. And this void can be filled only by one person- Heer, his love.

Rockstar Nargis and Ranbir

Heere’s character does not have much life in the film apart from completing Jordan. But the idea of sparking a romance between a married woman and a lost rockstar is something Bollywood was new to. The romance between two highly unlikely people is high on passion. This passion is the crux of the movie. The film digs deep to explore complex emotions of love and personal turmoil.

Ranbir knows the pulse of Jordan. We feel the inner turmoil of Jordan only because of Ranbir’s exemplary performance. The several layers of Jordan’s emotions are palpable. The explosive music by A R Rahman helps in adding strength to this emotion. The album from the film is never leaving the playlist of millions of people who find solace and comfort in those songs. It is soothing and calming, a temporary escape from all worldly matters. Confining Rockstar just as a musical masterpiece seems a little unfair. Rockstar was the proper amalgamation of narration and music, earning a cult status with time.

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Rockstar was not only a milestone in Ranbir’s career but also established him as one of the finest actors in the country. He transitioned from the usual guy-next-door image to an unconventional actor effortlessly. Nargis Fakhri does not measure up against the standard the film sets. She, unfortunately, was the only shortcoming of the movie. But this happens only if we single her out and analyze. Her inexperienced performance is overshadowed by the overall goodness that the film offers.

Rockstar is what happens when all the good things come together/ happen at the same time – A R Rahman Music, Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar act, Imtiaz Ali’s compelling narrative, and so on.

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