Fan favorite fictional characters from 2021
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Some Fan Favorite Fictional Characters of 2021

Several movies and shows were released in 2021. Thanks to the explosion of digital platforms, we could access content from all over the world. Of the several shows and movies that were released this year, here’s a list of some favorite fictional that won our hearts.

1. Ali from Squid Game

Ali from Squid Game-Fan favorite fictional characters

I was very excited to see an Indian face in a Korean series. And not just any Korean series, a series that has been widely popular on Netflix and received love from all over the world. Ali from Squid Game has undoubtedly become a fan-favorite character. Ali, played by Amit Tripathy, is an immigrant worker from Pakistan who joins the game to earn some money so that he can return back to his country. His naïve, selfless, and innocent persona simply wins our hearts.

2. Ruby from Sex Education Season 3

ruby sex education

We weren’t a fan of Ruby until Season 3 because we only saw her obnoxious side in the last two seasons of Sex Education. In season 3 we see an entirely new Ruby, who is just a normal person. She dates Otis and even falls in love with him. But her love is not returned and ends up being an unrequited one. We feel sorry for Ruby in Season 3 and somewhere develop a disliking for Otis for being inconsiderate with her feelings.

3. Sengeni from Jai Bhim

Though Tamil Film Jai Bhim stars much-loved actor Suriya, it is Lijomol’s Sengeni who steals the show. Sengeni is a Tamil Dalit woman who has lost her husband to brutal torture in police custody. Fully pregnant, Sengeni does not give up and fight for her husband’s justice till the end. Lijomol essays the character with perfection and can be credited for the success of the film.

4. Sandeep Bhaiyya from TVF Aspirants

Sandeep Bhaiyya from Aspirants

Sandeep Bhaiyya from TVF Aspirants is the most loveable character TVF has ever developed. His perseverance and will to change and adapt instantly make us fall for him. UPSC exams are one of the toughest exams in India and even after investing several valuable years, one may not be able to crack the exam. But Sandeep Bhaiyya does not quit and moves on with his life. He eventually makes something out of himself.

5. Chellam Sir from Family Man Season 2

Chellam Sir Family Man

Chellam sir was just omnipresent throughout the second season of Family Man. You call him on the phone and he will be standing next to you in two minutes! The character of Chellam sir received lots of love online and several memes popped up on social media. Chellam sir, played by Tamil actor Uday Mahesh is a retired NIA member who guides Srikant and others in their investigation.

6. Adam from Sex Education Season 3

Adam sex education

After Ruby, if someone from Sex Education Season 3 stole the show, it would be Adam. Season 2 explored Adam’s sexuality but Season 3 extends his emotional journey of accepting himself and being happy with himself. But his partner Eric is much ahead of him and leaves him on his own. The poem Adam writes for Eric, which Eric could never read, is just melting. It sums up the entire feeling of love filled with turmoil that Adam goes through.

7. Oliver Twist from #Home

indrans in #Home

Indrans as Oliver Twist in #Home leaves us with nothing but empathy and love. While his kids are busy in the world of social media, all Oliver craves is attention from his kids, to be able to have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. His struggle in adapting to the advancing technology is extremely palpable.

8.Manaf Khan from Kanakam Kamini Kalaham

Manaf Khan in Kanakam Kamini Kalaham

In a film that has popular actors like Nivin Pauly, Grace Antony, and Vinay Fort, it is side actor Rajesh Madhavan who emerges as a fan favorite. He plays Manaf Khan, a suspiciously intelligent lobby boy at Hotel Hilltop, Munnar. His dialog delivery, comic timing, and presentation make the character one of the funniest of all.

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