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What is the best thing about watching a movie in a theatre? 

The sound filling the entire hall giving a real life experience, right!

Sony has some really amazing home theatre system that can help you set up this experience in your home! 

With 5.1-ch real surround sound each sound system offers unique features.

Have a look at these best selling products and compare each to find out which when best suites your result.


1. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar System


Immerse yourself in every movie true cinematic surround sound with the best home theatre available in the global market.

General Features


Power Output- 600W

Main Unit Size Body Only (WxHxD)- 90.0 x 5.2 x 7.0 cm

Guess What! The model was awarded the “Good Design” at Indian Design Mark in 2017

Why it is the Best Seller

  • The Sony home theatre system fills the room with sound engrossing you in every scene

  • It has a pretty easy setup. The HT-RT3 is almost ready to go straight out of the box. Just plug it in, wire up your speakers via color-coded connections and enjoy 5.1 channels of real surround sound. All your cables run into the subwoofer, so you can keep things neat and tidy.

  • Bluetooth in the system can connect compatible smartphones with just one touch

  • The rear Speakers and an external subwoofer of the sound system provide high quality real surround sound

  • It also has S-Master digital amplifier ensures purest movie sound




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Sony HT-RT3 Dolby Digital Soundbar System

2.Sony HT S500RF Real 5.1-ch Dolby Digital Soundbar


This Sony sound system is ideal for music as well as movies. High quality sound and enthralling cinematic experience are a guarantee!

Unique Selling Features

  • With Sony Music Center App you can control music streamed wirelessly and played over USB


  • The DTS format in this sound system creates dynamic surround sound, bringing movies and music to life


  • There is an additional front tweeter for high sound quality


  • The 18cm subwoofer offer powerful bass

Desirable Features


  • With 5.1-ch real surround sound this system creates the best cinematic experience. All you have to do is grab the best seat in the house and enjoy!
  • Just like other systems, there is provision for Bluetooth connectivity and has options for USB drive.


  •  It is extremely easy to setup the system. You are ready to go almost instantly. Just plug and enjoy 5.1-ch soundbar channels of real surround sound. All your cables run into the subwoofer, so you can keep things neat and tidy.


  • Dolby Digital enhances the high quality surround sound from 5.1-ch soundbar.
General Features
Main Unit Size (WxHxD) : 900 x 64 x 90mm
Power Output : 1000W


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3. Sony HT-S20R 5.1-ch Dolby Digital Soundbar System

  • Sony’s tall boy soundbar home theatre system will transport you into the movie or sports you are watching with its original room-filling sound.


 Unique selling features


  • You have the option for choosing the perfect setting. There is a button for every sound that helps you chose the mode that’s right for you no matter what you are listening or watching. Auto, Standard, Cinema, Music are the modes available. You can also select Night and Voice modes and use sub-woofer control to fine-tune your viewing exerience.

Desirable Features


  • 5.1-ch real surround sound gives the movies the soundtrack they deserve. There are rear speakers and external subwoofers to give dynamic, cinematic sound. 


  • Dolby Digital technology for best quality sound is indeed a common feature for all the Sony sound systems


  • Bluetooth and USB  connectivity options are also available in this system
  • You can set up the system in seconds.

(Simply plug it in, wire up your main bar speaker and rear speakers via colour-coded connections, position your wired subwoofer and rear speakers, and enjoy 5.1 channels of real surround sound. HDMI ARC lets you connect to compatible TVs with a single cable, reducing cable clutter. TV not compatible with HDMI ARC? Enjoy high-quality sound for movies and more when you connect to the optical input. If HDMI ARC and the optical input aren’t an option, simply connect your TV using the analogue input)



General Features 

Size (Main Unit) – 760 x 52 x 86mm

 Power output – 400W


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