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Best Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime Video (Of All Time)

OTT platforms have become our go-to place for some amazing movies at any time. Taking a break from the work or enjoying a movie night with friends and family, platforms like Amazon Prime video are a savior. But wait, what to watch from tons of content? Don't worry, let me help you out there. If you are in search of some awesome Bollywood film, here's a list of the latest as well as old Bollywood films on Amazon Prime.

1. Thappad (2020)One of its kind, Thappad directed by Anubhav Sinha is a powerful tale of finding your own identity rather than obliging yourself to the age-old patriarchal system. The film starring Taapsee Pannu raised a few eyebrows questioning the idea the film tried to convey. Taapsee plays Amrita, a middle-class housewife who enjoys a good life with her husband. But her world changes in front of her when her husband slaps her in front of a big crowd and doesn’t even feel sorry for his actions. Why did he think that it was fine to slap and why did feel that it…

The hopeful tale night-flowering jasmine - October (Bollywood, 2018)

October is the month night-flowering jasmine, also called shiuli in Bengali, bloom. And that is what the name of the leading character in the film is too, Shiuli. The thing about these flowers is that they are gone before you even know. They are pretty and fragile but have a short life. Yet they have a strong lingering smell that hovers in the air for a considerable time. Shiuli from the Bollywood film October was just like this flower – short-lived but still managed to linger in our souls for a little while.Varun Dhawan plays Dan, a cocky, irresponsible young hotel management intern who never does a thing properly. He messes up things putting him on the blacklist of his managers. But we still love Dan. Shiuli played by debutant Banita Sandhu is his colleague and maybe a friend. But are hardly shown speaking to each other and as far as we know, a few glances are what they share more than spoken words. And yet, Dan is severely affected when Shiuli falls off the terrace of 16 storey bui…

Best Malayalam Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Anupama Chopra in her interview with the crew of Malayalam movie C U Soon asked "Why is Malayalam cinema so good?" The answer to this is impossible, to sum up in words. Realistic, feel-good, logical...the list of adjectives fall short to describe Malayalam movies. If you haven't watched any Malayalam movies yet, then my friend, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. Let me help you get started. Here's a list of some must watch Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime.1. Halal Love Story (2020)Zakariya Edayur’s second film Halal Love Story is themed around the conundrum of shooting a film by also catering to the narrow sensibilities of the religious group involved in filmmaking is fun to watch. Terrific performances by Grace Antony and Joju George need special mentions. Even thespians making special appearances, like Soubin Shahir and Parvathy Thiruvoth, leave an impact in our minds their own style. Due to restrictions on theatrical release, Halal Love Story was relea…

Meddling between art and faith, but with ambiguity - Halal Love Story

Connecting the boundaries of faith and artistic freedom, that’s what Zakkariya Edayur’s second feature film Halal Love Story humorously attempts. And doing so without looking down at either the people’s faith or artistic freedom is where Halal Love Story strikes a score. The film starts with a speech recording about the 9/11 attack on the d Trade Centre, to remind us of the timeframe the film is set in. A progressive Muslim religious association feels an under-representation of their community and its ideals and to spread the real idea of Islam to a wider audience, they decide to work on a larger medium-Cinema. Thoufeeq (Sharaf U Deen), a gentle, decent school teacher along with Rahim Sahib (Nazar Karutheny) come up with a script and find a suitable director, Siraj (Joju George). In the first 20-30 minute, we are left doubtful whether the religious tone has been overdone with too many references and citations. But as we move across the film, what awaits us is a barrel of laughter with…

10 Bollywood Outsiders Who Deserve Better Opportunities!

The insider-outsider debate has taken quite a different road for the past few months creating a qualm in the already messed up premises. However, here is a list of Bollywood outsiders who are unarguably brilliant and deserve more opportunities and appreciation for their craft. 
1. Sayani Gupta Mostly seen in supporting roles, Bollywood hasn’t utilized this exceptionally talented actor well. It is interesting to see how all the supporting roles she has done to date are so varied and powerful. May it be the young girl in Jagga Jasoos or a Dalit woman from Bihar in Article 15, Sayani executed every role to perfection. It was with Amazon Prime web series Four More Shots that Sayani got a lead role and a better recognition (after 12 years of working in the industry!)2 .Vidyut JammwalThere has always been a comparison between Vidyut and Tiger Shroff since both are just too good in martial arts. But when it comes to acting, Vidyut undoubtedly has a much better scorecard. This however hasn’t f…

Debunking the Myth of Female Sexual Pleasure - Lust Stories and Others

Devi (played by Richa Chadda) from Masaan is a lowly small-town girl from Banaras. But one fine day her world turns around and she is branded as a prostitute. What did she do? She involved in a consensual sexual relationship with her boyfriend. It was not those usual ‘got carried away at the moment’ clichés we usually see in movies. It was intentional and planned because she wanted to explore her sexuality. But the judgemental eyes of our society, ignorant of female sexual desire ruined her plan and framed her as a prostitute.
A woman wanting more in a relationship is always compared to a prostitute. The idea of sexual intimacy has categorized women as just givers and not takers. In an Indian marriage sexual compatibility is never a criterion because, in the end, women are just receptacles for men. Any complaints regarding the same are redirected to nowhere. The general idea of sex in India is all about continuing the hierarchy. In simple words, sex is seen more like a procedure to jus…

Manic Pixie Dream Girl - A Pop-Culture Cliche We Need to Get Rid of

She is beautiful and eccentric. Maybe she dyed her hair and has a different hair cut. 
She is coy, vivacious, and an enigma.
She is sexually adventurous and full of energy. She makes your dull life worth living and makes you see the world from a different perspective.
Sounds relatable? Yes, she is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
Let me put it in a much simpler way.

What is Manic Pixie Dream Girl?
The origin of the pop-culture cliché Manic Pixie Dream Girl happened way back in 2007 when film critic Nathan Rabin coined the term after watching the Hollywood film “Elizabeth Town”. He defined the term as – “female character who exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.”

Manic Pixie Dream Girls don’t have a story of their own. Their only purpose is to make the gloomy, directionless life of leading men in movies brighter and happier. If you ask me a list of movies with Ma…