About the Author

I’m Anjali, an engineer turned content marketing professional based in Bangalore and the author of this blog, The FourthWall.

The primary reason to start a blog on movies was to share my ideas and interest in cinema with like-minded people. There’s nothing better than a good film that makes my day (Oh wait! There’s good food!). I find it magical how cinema can completely influence our perceptions about certain things. That’s why it is important to be thoughtful about what you watch.

Personally, this blog has made me feel so alive. The responses to the articles written in this blog have always encouraged me and inspired me to get better at what I do. My favorite moments were when director Anjali Menon and actor Rima Kallingal shared the Instagram posts of The FourthWall. It just made my day. It assured me that maybe this was a good idea after all.

I hope you enjoy perusing The FourthWall as much as I love working on it. I hope it inspires you and stirs some deep-buried perspectives and ideas about certain subjects.

With the best movie recommendations, reviews, and breakdowns I hope The FourthWall contributes to keeping the cinephile in you alive.

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