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Best Malayalam Movies of 2023 – Bringing people back to theatres!

Was 2023 Malayalam Cinema’s best year? Definitely Not. But it sure was a refreshing year after facing a dry spell due to COVID and a lack of exciting content.

From breaking box office records to telling some bold stories, Malayalam cinema is rising back into action, and bringing people back to theatres. Of the many Malayalam movies, I watched this year, these are my top picks for the “Best Malayalam Movies of 2023”. Dive in to find out why!

1.Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam

nanpakal nerathu mayakkam- best Malayalam movies of 2023

Let me be honest; when I first saw the film, I was clueless. I thought Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam was too intellectual for me to comprehend, unlike my friend Athul, a huge Lijo Jose fan who was awestruck by the film’s brilliance. Thanks to him, I slowly started to understand the genius behind Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam. Apart from my admiration for actor Mammootty, I also got curious about the process of filmmaking that Lijo Jose Pellissery uses for his work. Exploring that is definitely on my list for 2024.

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2. Iratta

Image Courtesy: DMT

Iratta is one of the most intriguing thrillers I have watched recently. Unfortunately, this film did not get much discussed, despite it steering clear from the usual whodunit murder thrillers. The film uses emotions to craft a compelling narrative about a pair of estranged twin brothers. I don’t have the guts to watch this film again, and that is what the film tries to do; make you uncomfortable to your core. Joju George’s performance in Iratta is one of the best performances this year.

3. Romancham

Romancham (The Hindu) Best Malayalam movie 2023
Image Courtesy: The Hindu

After a dry spell, if a Malayalam film pulled the crowd back to the theatre in 2023 and set the cash registers, it must be Romancham. Even though the film does not have big names, it was successful in creating quite a stir at the theatres, and rightfully so. Malayalam film Romancham is a thoroughly engaging comedy-drama that makes us laugh and even scares us at times. Romancham easily qualifies as one of the top Malayalam movies of 2023. Arjun Ashokan’s iconic head nod has become another pop-culture reference for Malayalis to use in their daily conversations. Romancham is currently streaming on Hotstar.

4. 2018

2018 Malayalam movie Tovino from Rediff
Image Courtesy: Rediff

A visual representation of one of the most difficult times for Kerala, the 2018 floods, Jude Anthony Joseph’s 2018 runs high on emotions. With the right use of CGI, the filmmaker has done a great job of showing the struggle, horror, and courage Malayalis showed during the time of the floods, which took the lives of more than 400 people. As a Malayali, it was a cathartic experience to watch 2018.

5. Kannur Squad

Kannur Squad is a so-called “mass movie” in Malayalam from 2023. A film that rides on Mammootty’s suave screen presence, Kannur Squad’s thrilling narrative outlives the 3-hour duration of the film. The film revolves around the struggle of 4 brilliant cops who are on a quest to find the culprits of a cold-blooded murder. With some thrilling scenes, heart-touching emotions, and stellar performances, Kannur Squad managed to keep me thoroughly engaged. The film is currently streaming on Hotstar.

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6. Kaathal – The Core

Kaathal Mammootty Jyotika

With Kaathal – The Core, Mammootty scores a hat trick, making 2023 a year that defined him as an actor and as a star. He plays a closeted gay man in Jeo Baby’s Kaathal – The Core, something stars of his magnitude would hesitate to take up due to image issues. But unlike them, Mammootty has no plans to let his stardom confine him. He is all in to take up challenging roles and explore himself as an actor. Kaathal – The Core is a heartwarming tale that gives you a lot to take home, easily making it one of the best Malayalam movies of 2023.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me which was your favorite Malayalam movie from 2023 in the comments below.

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