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5 Best Patriotic Indian Movies of All Time

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom…..” and today marks the 73rd  year of awaking to that freedom. 

73 years of remembering the chaos and misery suffered by all the great souls in the struggle for India’s freedom. We all felt that misery through the stories we heard, the books we read, and especially through the movies that we saw. 

Yes, Indian films have been successful in injecting the notion of patriotism in each and every one of us. May it be the life of a famous freedom fighter or the freedom struggle stories, these films never forget to give you the goosebumps effect and scale up the Indian in you. Here’s a look at various such movies.

    1. Lagaan (2001)

   Though the story is fiction, the depiction of the oppression of Indians by the “Gorey Saab” is one hundred percent original. It is interesting to see how the makers used the game of cricket as a platform for the freedom struggle. The costumes, the setup, everything was in accord with the movie’s timeline. With the limited resources, how a group of Indian farmers beat the Britishers in the game of cricket to waive the heavy tax levied on them is what the movie beautifully shows.
     2.The Legend of Bhagat Singh(2002)

    bhagat singh
    At the age where people find themselves busy with education and job, this 23-year-old martyr created history. Bhagat Singh was not just a freedom fighter, he was the reflection of the youth dying for the zest of freedom. The movie Legends of Bhagat Singh was very successful in presenting his life to the audience. 

    Ajay Devgn too was convincing as a young, rebellious freedom fighter. The film is a tribute to the legendary persona and will keep alive the passion and commitment he had for the country for like a hundred more years.

    3. Kaala Pani (1996)

    Set in 1915, Kaalapani tells the story of an Indian doctor Govardhan, falsely accused of bombing a train. He is sent to a jail in Port Blair and subjected to extremely inhumane treatment. The film is hard to watch with all the brutalities done to the prisoners literally tearing us apart. 

    A wife waiting for her husband’s return for more than forty-five years without knowing that he was hanged to death is a pain to watch. With an ensemble cast and excellent making, the movie bagged many awards including both State and National awards. The film is regarded as a classic in Malayalam film industry.

    Based on a true story, this military drama recently earned the lead actor Vicky Kaushal the prestigious National Award. How the Para SF Commandos, with a rigorous process, attack and destroy the terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK) is truly gripping. The combat sequences are thrilling and add to the film’s credit. The film leaves you with goosebumps and immense respect for the Indian Army.


    Army, freedom fighters..does that complete the list of patriotic roles? What about the Indian spies, the unsung heroes who sacrifice their life, their identity for the love of their country. They are mentioned nowhere and remembered never, still putting their life at stake is something very heroic.  Raazi is a film based on a real-life spy who is married off to Pakistan to pass all the valuable information she gets. 

     Unlike other movies, Raazi is not limited to action and thriller. It explores the emotional aspects of Sehmat as a spy, the trauma and loss she goes through to protect her nation. By the end of the film, the question that hovers over the mind is, this is the story of one Sehmat, what about a hundred others in different parts of the globe risking their lives for our country??

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