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Varane Avashyamund (Malayalam Movie) has Lots to Offer

“Travel….travel a lot! But once in while travel back to your roots”

The freshness of a new place and the excitement of meeting new people is so enthralling that we just get engaged in the process. Travelling brings along with it not just memories but also opens to you a bit of yourself. That’s the fun about traveling. But we get so carried away in the circle that we often forget to return; return back to our roots.

Our roots are our truth. It is from these roots that we bloomed and flew in search of adventure. We get so engrossed that we don’t make an effort to turn back for a moment. That’s why no matter what you conquer you still feel an emptiness in your heart.

All these experiences and achievements are meaningless if you don’t have someone to go back and share your adventure stories with. Having someone to listen as you speak of all those moments that filled you with joy and pleasure is indeed a gift to be cherished.

Malayalam Movie Varane Avashyamund (2020) uses a small segment to remind us of this beautiful forgotten truth.

A simple and beautiful storyline with a stellar cast makes this movie an enjoyable one. To have legends Shobhana and Suresh Gopi back on the silver screen just the way we wanted is another good thing about this movie. They both are a delight to watch. So are Dulquer Salman and Kalyani Priyadarshan.

Shobhana plays Neena, a single active mother who doesn’t want to confine herself. Neena is an audacious character who is not afraid to fall in love over and over again. She learns French, she dances, and actively engages in all the neighborhood activities.

Major Unnikrishnan played by Suresh Gopi is initially a scary ex-military man who eventually becomes extremely lovable. As he opens up about his mother and the reason for his loneliness we peep into the real Major Unnikrishnan who is in the end just a soft and admirable person with experiences par excellence. 


The movie didn’t fail to add a bit of the Suresh Gopi-action! We missed it badly all these years. The references used about him throughout the movie are humorous. It raises above the standards and in no way tries to make a mockery of the legendary actor. It was a delight to watch the much-respected actor relive his golden days as an actor.

Dulquer Salman as always is a charmer and executes Bibeesh P with perfection. Shobhana once again proves that she is irreplaceable and gracious as an actor. She is a living testimony to the fact – ‘age is just a number’. Kalyani Priyadarshan just left us wanting more of her. We hope that she takes time to do more Malayalam films after reigning the Telugu industry.

Dulquer Salman made an excellent choice by debuting as a producer via this film.

Varane Avasyamund is a total feel-good movie with humor and good content! It is one of those films that one will watch over and over again.

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