Jayeshbhai Jordaar
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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: Passable and clumsy

Jayesh Bhai Jordaar

The look of Ranveer Singh in the film was the first thing that gave me high hopes for JayeshBhai Jordaar. And then came the trailer where we saw a totally different Ranveer Singh all set to experiment with characters. Given the recent set of movies coming out from Bollywood, something that was original, and that too from a popular production house like YRF, did sound very promising and exciting.

However, Jayeshbhai Jordaar turns out to be passable and nothing worth mentioning in particular, apart from Ranveer Singh’s loud performance and Jai Vidya’s (she plays Ranveer and Shalini’s onscreen daughter) radiating presence. The film tries to uphold the ‘beti bachao’ tagline but ends up becoming clumsy and unclear about the agenda.

Jayesh lives with his wife Mudra, daughter Siddhi and parents in a village in Gujarat. His father is a strict ‘sarpanch’ and his mother an obedient yet commanding housewife. Jayesh never has the courage to stand up against his parents. Unlike most men in his village, Jayesh is a sweet and kind husband and father who struggles to make sense of the superstitions followed by his community. After six miscarriages, Mudra again gets pregnant with a girl child and this time Jayesh tries to save his unborn daughter and wife at any cost. He comes up with a plan that paves way for a cat and mouse game.

The film has its highs and lows. The character description of Jayesh is something that stands out in the movie. He is not a feminist nor does he understand anything about feminism. But he does empathize with what his wife and other women go through. He feels their pain and decides to fight for these women. Ranveer portrays the character brilliantly without overdoing Jayesh in any way. It is Ranveer’s portrayal of Jayesh that makes most parts of the film interesting.

There are certain scenes in the film that touch us, while there are also scenes that do not really make sense. The humor fluctuates as some make us laugh while some fail to land.

Shalini Pandey who plays Mudra has very little scope for performance, though she does what is given to her perfectly. Jai Vidya who plays Siddhi, Jayesh and Mudra’s daughter is the best takeaway from Jayeshbhai Jordaar. Her screen presence is endearing, charming, and spot-on.

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