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Toxic Parenting Moments in Indian Movies

Parenting is one of the most delicate job a human can ever do. If not done right, he/she can ruin things for generations to come. While there are movies that reflect positively on parent child relationship, I though why not take a look at some of the most toxic parent child moments shown in Indian movies, just so that you know ho not to parent!

1.Puzhu (Malayalam, 2022)

Puzhu Mammootty

Mammootty’s Kuttan from the recently released Malayalam movie Puzhu is not only a bad father but also a bad human being. His bigotry can be clearly seen throughout the movie and he tries to pass on the same to his son as well. Having lost his wife very early Kuttan lives alone with his pre-teen son Kichu. He keeps on imposing strict measures on Kichu, leaving no space for Kichu to openly express his feelings and emotions. Kichu hates his father. It is also disturbing to see how Kuttan manipulates his son with his “sacrificing father” image.

3.Dil Dhadakne Do (2015, Hindi)

Dil Dhadakne Do

Kamal and Neelam Mehra are examples of typical elitist Indian parents who not only suppress their emotions but also expect their kids to do the same. They check all the boxes of “how to be toxic Indian parents”. They marry off their daughter without her interest in place, they force their son to take up their business though he shows no skills set to prove worthy for the position, and their daughter who has everything that is needed to run this business is not even considered for the part. They also suffer through their unhappy marriage just for the sake of “Log Kya Kahenge”. But like in every Zoya Akhtar movie, everything turns out fine in the end and they realize how they have been unfair to their children and set them free to live their own lives.

4.Udaan (2010, Hindi)

Rohan’s father Bhairav Singh from Udaan is one of the worst fathers ever in the history of Indian cinema. He shows no sense of love or emotion towards his son and puts him through so much difficulty as a teenager that Rohan finds it hard to even breathe properly. In the garb of discipline, Bhairav makes his son Rohan go through something which can be cited as nothing less than personal hell. Mustering all the courage, Rohan breaks free from the evil clutches of his father to live the life of his dreams, live a life as a free man.

5. Gully Boy (2019, Hindi)

Gully Boy

No matter what the world says, some support from the parents can help the kids achieve all their dreams. Unfortunately, Murad’s father wasn’t one such parent. He never tried to understand his son’s ambitions. Murad is born in a slum in Mumbai to a chauffeur and is expected to go through the same professional line. His struggle to break through this class construct and make a mark as a professional rapper doesn’t come across easy, especially with his father being the biggest thwarting force in his life. But we can’t entirely blame his father who himself has been through poverty and suffering since the day he remembers. He just kept on passing what he saw growing up to his son, without realizing that things can be different for him. His son Murad shows him that.

6. Spadikam (1995, Malayalam)

Thilakan Spadikam

Chacko Maash from Spadikam is everything that a father should never be to his kids. He imposes his perspectives and expectations so much on his son Thoma that it even took violent forms, breaking Thoma mentally and emotionally. Chacko pays no attention to his son’s interest in science and keeps putting him down for not excelling at Mathematics. The abuse takes a toll on Thoma and he ends up becoming a noted goon of the neighborhood, christening himself as Adu Thoma. There could be no better example of a toxic parent child relationship.

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