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My favorite Thanksgiving episodes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Watching Thanksgiving episodes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the closest I’m ever getting to celebrating Thanksgiving Day in real life. It goes without saying that the Thanksgiving Day episodes are an exclusive element of the most loved sitcom. No show is ever going to replicate the fun and relatability of this festive day as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. On Thanksgiving Day, here’s a list of some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day episodes from the series.

1.Season 9

‘The One With Rachel’s Other Sister’

FRIENDS thanksgiving Amy

Rachel’s sister Amy shows up and joins the squad for the Thanksgiving feast. The immature and self-involved sister of Rachel does not make things easy for them. Monica struggles to save her plates from the fight between Rachel and Amy. The entire episode is just hilarious and cracks me up every time.

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2. Season 8

‘The One With the Rumor’


This Thanksgiving episode has one of the most exciting guest stars in the show-Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt plays Will, an old friend of Monica and Ross. Apparently, Rachel was very mean to Will back in high school which led him to spread a rumor about her- that she possessed sexual organs of both male and female. And guess who joined Will in spreading this rumor on behalf of ‘I hate Rachel Greene club’; Ross!

Phoebe crushing on Will on the sidelines as the drama unfolds is too funny to handle.

3. Season 6

‘The One Where Ross got High’

Ross and Monica

This thanksgiving episode introduced a brand-new cuisine for the festive day – Rachel’s English Trifle. The cookbook pages get stuck and Rachel ends up making an unholy combination of Shepherd’s Pie and Trifle. While everyone struggles to eat it so that Rachel does not feel bad, Joey enjoys this new dish and I’m not surprised. Monica and Ross take a dig at each other in front of their parents while Phoebe nurses a crush on their father Jack.

5. Season 5

‘The One With All the Thanksgiving’

FRIENDS Monica Turkey Head

Monica with the turkey on her head has become the mascot of Thanksgiving Day. In the Thanksgiving episode of Season 5, the squad sits down remembering some Thanksgiving Day memories from the past. We devour several Thanksgiving Day shenanigans all at once. Some revelations cause Chandler to get mad at Monica and she tries to make it up to him by wearing a turkey on her head and dancing.

6. Season 3

‘The One with the Football’

The Geller Cup

This one is my absolute favorite. While every Thanksgiving episode happened within Monica’s apartment, the makers took this one outdoors for the first time. The friends decide to play a game of football and Monica and Ross’s sibling rivalry adds to most of the humor. It becomes a matter of pride when Monica introduces the Geller Cup (which is nothing but a doll nailed to a two by five!). Rachel is shuttled between Monica and Ross as she has no idea about the game. Monic pulls of quirky strategies to beat the boys (like asking Phoebe to pull up her shirt and lure Chandler!).

7. Season 10

‘The One With the Late Thanksgiving’

FRIENDS Last Thanksgiving

Monica is tired of cooking Thanksgiving dinner every year and opts out this time. But Phoebe knows how to get Monica to do stuff and invokes her inner competitive self. But guess what, everyone turns up late for dinner and Monica is furious. Wobbly heads at the door beg to let them in but nothing is going to convince Monica. But all ends well Monica and Chandler receive the news of getting accepted to become adoptive parents.

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