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Some parents in Indian movies who gave major parenthood goals!

We have had some amazing movies that portrayed what true parenting should look like. These fictitious parents guide their children to live a meaningful life; they help their kids become their best selves and encourage them to make a better world. Here’s a list of some of my favorite on-screen parents who give major parenthood goals.

1. Sid’s parents from Wake Up Sid (2009, Hindi)

Anupam Kher Wake up sid

Most parents want their kids to live a comfortable life, without facing many hardships that they had to go through during their young days. Sid’s parents were the same, but they could not stand how lazy and irresponsible their son was getting with all the privileges he had. They wanted him to learn about life, find his true calling, and make a life for himself, which he does eventually. They did not want to make him comfortable and with a heavy heart, had to let him leave the house to live on his own.

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2. Sanjay Thapar- Kabir’s father from YJHD (2013, Hindi)

Kabir aka Bunny’s father wasn’t very fond of Bunny’s dream of traveling the world, but he was fond of his son, which is why he supported his son no matter what. He was proud that his son was independent and in charge of his life, he knew what he wanted and went for it at any cost. How many Indian parents do that?

3.Chanda Sahay from Nil Battey Sannatta (2015, Hindi)

Nil Battey Sannatta

Chanda is devastated to know that her daughter wants to become a housemaid just like her. Parents from the lower strata of the class construct do not have many options available to choose from but Chanda does not give up. She inspires her daughter to rise above the financial burden that she was born into. Instead of pointing at other people for inspiration, she becomes one for her daughter. Her daughter eventually becomes an IAS officer.

4.Dr Vidya Arte – Auro’s mother from Paa (2009, Hindi)

Vidya Balan Paa

To be a single mother in our country is considered taboo. But Vidya does not let any of the societal judgments come in the way of raising her son. Her son Auro is also born with Progeria but she sails through all the hardships without any complaints and loves her son abundantly.

5. Oliver Twist from #Home (2021, Malayalam)

indrans in #Home

It is not an easy task to stay updated with the latest trends and technology. Oliver Twist was one such man who found it difficult to understand technology. All that Oliver wanted was to have a good heart-to-heart conversation with his sons, a soulful beam of a smile from them. But the social media wave creates a void in their relationship.

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6. Sasi from English Vinglish (2014, Hindi)

Being a housewife is not easy. Sasi is an example of several housewife mothers who are taken for granted by their kids. Sasi does not receive any respect from her daughter who treats her as illiterate and considers Sasi as an embarrassment. Sasi proves herself to everyone and her daughter apologizes for being insensitive to Sasi.

7. Krishna from Deiva Thirumagal (2011, Tamil)


We have come across the struggles of parents with autistic kids but have you wondered how things might be the other way around- where the parent is autistic? Krishna from Deiva Thirumagal is an autistic father who has nothing but selfless love for his daughter. But his disability is thrown at him making it a reason to question his fatherhood. His struggle to win back his daughter is something that will leave a lump in our throats.

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