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Indian Movies that had the waterworks running!

That feeling of a lump in our throat after watching a movie is yet another magic of cinema, I would say. It is the strong emotional storyline that sometimes manages to stir the vulnerable side of ours. Here’s a look at six such movies that filled our eyes with tears at the end.

1.Thanmatra (Malayalam) 


It is not just the end, but the entire movie that manages to unleash our most emotional side. Blessy is a master of tragedy cinema. Thanmatra is one such masterpiece of his. The story is about a normal middle-class working man who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and how the family now struggles to adapt to it. The movie did a tremendous job in spreading awareness about the disease and captured perfectly the toll it takes on the family. The climax is just heartbreaking. It will take you some time to come back to reality. 

2.Deiva Thirumagal (Tamil) 


Deiva Thirumagal starring Chiyaan Vikram is the story of a beautiful bond shared by an autistic father and his six years old daughter. Tagging him as incapable of childcare, the family of the child’s mother tries to take the child away from her father. There is a moment that the father and daughter share in the court, amidst the legal battle for the child’s custody, a moment that’s so profoundly emotional and can melt the coldest heart. The climax is yet another satisfyingly depressing moment. But it was the most perfect climax I have ever seen. 

3. Ankahi (Hindi) 

Ankahi is a segment from the Netflix anthology Ajeeb Dastaans. It has Shefali Shah and Manav Kaul playing the lead roles. Shefali plays Natasha, an upper-class mother whose daughter is on the verge of going deaf. Her husband shows no concern for their daughter which upsets Natasha. She meets Kabir, a deaf and mute photographer, and the two fall in love. It’s cute and passionate what they share but not one with a happy ending. It’s Manav Kaul’s endearing performance that leaves a lump in our throat. 

4. The Sky is Pink (Hindi)

The Sky is Pink is based on the real-life story of Aisha Chaudhary and her family who struggled to keep her alive as long as they could and gave up their entire life for that. Aisha succumbs to her illness and dies, it’s no suspense. But the letter she leaves for her family, who stayed by her all the while is impossible to witness without shedding a few tears. I imagine how difficult it must have been for the real family to go through something like this. 

5. Kaazhcha (Malayalam) 


Yet another Blessy tear tank, Kaazhcha starring Mammootty is the story based on the Gujarat earthquake of 2001. A young Gujarati boy reaches Kerala and befriends a Malayalee film projectionist, Madhavan (Mammootty) after his escape from the earthquake. Madhavan sets out to discover the whereabouts of this boy but doesn’t want to let him go as he considers the boy nothing less than his son. The emotions shared are a true reflection of kindness, empathy, and much more. 

6. Highway (Hindi) 

highway alia bhatt

As much as it is liberating, Highway is also dark and depressing. As Veera breaks out of the trap around her, we feel a sense of freedom but also find it a little hard to overcome the grief that she has gone through to reach here. Veera breaking down as she leaves her home is simply screaming out all the sorrow that she was refrained from expressing for so long. 

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