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Indian Movies to take you back to college days!

Bunking classes to chill out with friends, worrying about shortage of attendance, staying up the whole night to finish the syllabus for the exam the next day; are some of the many events that make college life so nostalgic and memorable. It is exciting how a few years of college transform a completely oblivious young adult into a more mature person who is ready to face the harsh realities of the world. Over time, there have been several movies that have reflected on the experiences that college life offers. Here’s a look at some of the best college movies in Indian cinema.

1.Classmates (2006, Malayalam)


Classmates, directed by Lal Jose, was a blockbuster hit upon its release. The story is about the 1991 batch of students from a college in Kerala who get back together for a reunion in 2006. Now working in different parts of the world, these classmates get along to share their memories, make amends, and reminisce about their good old days. Classmates is regarded as one of the best college movies ever made in Indian cinema. It is a film that will make you very nostalgic about your college days, making you want to visit your college friends once again.

2. Anandam (2016, Malayalam)


If Classmates was set in the 90s, Anandam is set in the present timeframe. Anandam is a simple light-hearted movie about a bunch of engineering students who set out on a four-day college industrial visit (just a formal term for college tour). In these four days, these students explore their friendships, find love and celebrate life. Anandam is a movie that will make you feel alive.

3. 3 Idiots (2009, Hindi)

3 idiots

The whole point of college, in the end, is about getting an education so that we can get a job and live the life of our dreams. 3 Idiots explores this aspect of college life. With thoughtful humor, the film magnifies the flawed education system in a country that is obsessed with grades and not education as such. Set in a premier engineering college, three friends; Raju, Rancho, and Farhan, struggle to cope with this messed-up system and make their living in this ever-demanding world. 3 Idiots takes inspiration from Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel 5 Point Someone.

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4. 2 states (2014, Hindi)

2 States

Though primarily a love story of two people from two different parts of the country, 2 States has a first half that will tempt us to get admission to an IIM! With the first-half set in IIM-A, 2 States focuses on how love blossoms between Ananya and Krish as they manage to get through their post-graduate course. With all the college festivities and love blooming on the campus, 2 States does give major college romance goals. The film is yet again based on the book by the same name written by Chetan Bhagat.

5. Happy Days (2007, Telugu)

Happy Days is a Telugu film that explores the lives of eight engineering students. Starting as young immature adults to transforming into responsible and sensible humans, their journey is something that many of us could relate to. This is one of the primary reasons for the film to emerge as a huge success in spite of having some fresh faces.

6. Kirik Party (2016, Kannada)

Kirik Party is less nostalgic and more of reminiscing about the fun part of college life. With tons of humorous elements and splendid songs, Kirik Party offers a fun ride through college life. The film focuses on Karna (played by Rakshit Shetty) who forms a gang of mischievous boys, all belonging to different departments. As he progresses through his engineering college life, he re-evaluates his thought process and grows as a responsible adult. The film was a huge success.

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