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Indian anthologies that I love so far!

It was lockdown that paved the way for several anthology films on OTT. Owing to the limitations caused by the pandemic and lockdown, it was the most convenient and economical way to produce movies. While the pandemic did give us several soulful anthologies, we have had some amazing anthologies that were released even before the pandemic. So, I thought of sharing some of my favorite anthologies with you.

1.Lust Stories (2018)


Just like the name suggests, Lust Stories explores four different stories themed around lust and love. But the film explains this from a feminine perspective, shedding light on female sexual desires. Female sexual desire is something that has been a hush-hush topic for a long time and Lust Stories successfully attempts to break the taboo surrounding it. Lust Stories is directed by Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap.

2. Kerala Cafe (2009)

With ten short stories, Kerala Cafe is one of my favorite anthologies of all time. The stories in Kerala Cafe leave us spellbound, amazed, and satisfied. It was the first time a movie with ten prominent directors was conceived in Malayalam Cinemas. Nostalgia, Mrityunjayam, Happy Journey, Bridge, Puram Kazchakal are a few shorts from Kerala Cafe that will stay with you forever.

3. Unpaused (2020)


Centered around the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic, Unpaused is one sweet slice of life movie. It has five stories, each of which will bring a smile to your face. These five stories share the tale of people from different class divisions and how the pandemic and lockdown impacted them. Vishanoo and Chand Khaala are my favorite shorts from Unpaused.

4.Paavai Kathakal (2021)

If Lust Stories is about lust, Paavai Kathakal is about sin. The film explores different stories about sin, introspecting what is right and what is wrong. The stories in Pavaai Kathakal mainly deal with honor killing and the circumstances which lead to the heinous act of honor killing. The film is a hard-hitting take on the blinded faith of people which leads them to harm even their own blood.

5. Dus Kahaniyaan (2009)

With ten different stories, Dus Kahaaniyan explores love, lust, betrayal, and hope like never before. All the stories leave an indelible impression on us. The film has a wide variety of star-cast who equally surprise us with their stunning performances.

6. Ajeeb Daastaans (2021)

Though two out of four stories aren’t that impressive, the remaining two are so powerful that they could be compared with full-length feature films. I’m talking about Geeli Pucchi and Ankahi. These films left me empowered and broken. In the list of best films of 2021, these two shorts will find their own space despite being half an hour long. While Geeli Pucchi reflects on the unnoticed caste-based oppression, Ankahi peeks into love and its aftermath.

7. Freedom Fight (2022)

Freedom Fight on SonyLIV

Freedom Fight is a collection of raw and realistic stories that revolve around the daily struggle of people. Directed by Jeo Baby, Freedom Fight has five sets of stories, each digging deep into the different layers of human conflicts in our society. The anthology is one of the best ones released in recent times.

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