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7 Teachers from Movies who Made us Think and Laugh!

Today is the day we wake up to some amazing teacher’s day quotes on our social media feeds. It can be said without a doubt that teaching is indeed the noblest profession of all. The future is in the hands of the teachers who make every possible effort to bring out the best in their students. We owe our success to them.

And in the spirit of celebrating these individuals, who are currently grappling with change in their entire process of teaching (pandemic forcing them to engage through digital platforms), here is a list of our favorite teachers from the movies who do their deeds in the best way possible.

1. Mr. Keating (Dead Poet’s Society, 1989)

mr.keatings dead poet's society

The words of Mr. Keating (Robin William’s iconic character) are relevant even in the 21st century. While education today is becoming just about earning a degree and ending up with a decent job, Mr. Keating inspires his students to embrace literature and poetry, because that’s what keeps us alive and awake in a world struggling to keep up in the rat race. He urges them to hold on and seize the moment; Carpe diem folks!

2. Naina Mathur (Hichki, 2019)

Hichki Movie

Naina may suffer from Tourette syndrome but she does not let her disability get in the way of her dream of becoming a teacher. She is one of those people who see teaching not just as a profession but as something soul-filling and satisfying.

For a bunch of students from the slums of Mumbai, education in a prestigious school held no meaning. They were constantly reminded how unwanted they were, which triggered their low self-esteem until Naina Mathur made an entrance. She pushes them to realize their true capabilities and helps them reach better ranks in society.

3. Vimal Sir (Premam, 2015)

vinay fortt premam

He may be a computer science professor who associates the term ‘robust’ with robusta pazham (a banana kind) and mispronounces ‘Java’ as ‘mava‘. But Vimal sir did assure his students that, “Java is simple and powerful!” His futile attempts to entice Malar miss had all our pity but he will always remain the funniest and adorable professor in not just Malayalam cinema but in Indian movies as a whole.

4. Anand Kumar (Super 30, 2019)

anandkumar-super-30Inspired by the real-life superhero teacher Anand Kumar, Super 30 shows his struggle in providing education to the most underprivileged yet the most deserving set of students. While Right to Education is a part of our constitution, there are still many who can’t afford this privilege due to circumstances in their family.

Anand Kumar, based on his own experiences, selflessly takes it to his shoulder to give them a chance to better their lives.

5. Anandapadmanabhan (Thaneer Mathan Dinangal 2019,)

thaneer-mathan-dinangalThis guy is probably the weirdest (in a funny way though) teacher in the history of Indian cinema. Though he messed up Jaison’s life for a while, we had so much fun watching him struggling to create an impression in the school. This is undoubtedly Vineeth Sreenivasan’s finest performance to date.

6. Chacko Maash (Spadikam, 1995)

chacko maash spadikamDespite all the cold-blooded teacher that he was, Chacko Maash will always remain an iconic character in Malayalam cinema. A perfect example of what a teacher (also a father) must not be, Chacko maash is still popular among the youngsters. But come on, we can’t forget that if not for his tough attitude, we would never have had the legend, Adu Thoma.

7. Ram Sankar Nikhumbh (Taare Zameen Par, 2007)

taare zameen par amir khanWhile the rest of the world declared Ishaan as dumb and stupid, Ram went out to see what was stopping Ishaan from performing better. If not for Ram, Ishaan’s Dyslexia would have remained a mystery and hence untreated. Ram not only gave Ishaan hope and confidence, but he also prepared Ishaan to be a part of the world that once rejected him. Teachers like Ram are indeed rarest of all.

Happy Teacher’s Day!
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