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Best Netflix Documentaries you must watch!

Netflix is the perfect place for all kinds of interesting content. While you might be busy binging series and movies, spare some time to check out these best Netflix documentaries. 

1.Road to Roma

Duration: 1hr 12min

road to roma - best netflix documentaries

You might have heard of the film Roma, which received the Best Picture Award at the 91st Academy Awards. The movie, which takes a little inspiration from the director’s own childhood, is about a live-in housekeeper of a middle-class family, living in the neighborhood of Mexico City. Shot entirely in black and white, the film is cited as one of the best movies of the year 2018. Road to Roma is the documentary on the origin and the making of the film. If you are an aspiring filmmaker and are into filmmaking, this documentary may interest you for sure. 

2.High Score (Docuseries)

Duration: 1 Season, 6 episodes (45min)

Do you love video games? Have you ever played a video game? High Score is a documentary about the origin of video games. By interviewing some old video games developers, the documentary explores how a generation got addicted to this activity of video games and how it kept evolving over the years. If you are a video game nerd, then this documentary will definitely excite you. 

3. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (Docuseries)

Duration: 1 Season, 3 episodes (50 min)

inside bill's brain

Bill Gates is one of the most influential people to ever exist on this planet. Born a genius, he went on to take the world to a new technological dimension. The invention of Microsoft has been one of the greatest technological advancements in the history of inventions. It helped to make the lives of people a little easier. But how was this idea born? How did Bill Gates come up with it and what led it to become a corporate giant? This documentary series explores all these, however not limiting to it. The series also defines his childhood, and his life after stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft. We also see his contribution to making the world a better place through his initiative Gates Foundation. 

4. Miss Americana

Duration: 85 min

miss americana taylor swift

Most of the Millennials and GenZs are proud to tag themselves as ‘Swifties‘, a name for die-hard fans of iconic singer Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been actively performing for a very long time and Miss Americana is a look at her life beyond the glitz and the glamour. We all know the pop singer Taylor Swift, but not all of us know Taylor Swift, the person. Miss Americana focuses on this aspect. The documentary was very well received

5.The Social Dilemma

Duration: 95 min

the social dilemma

We are a generation who have confined our world to our phones. We wake up to the notifications, dress up to impress people we don’t know in social media, determine our worth using the likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram. The Social Dilemma is a scary peek into the truth behind the corporate mindsets of these social media. We are confronted with the truth about how these corporates sell our attention to make themselves millions. The documentary has a couple of ex-workers of these corporates who spill the beans on the real idea behind these platforms. The documentary is also mildly fictionalized and that makes the whole thing even more interesting. You can’t miss this documentary at any cost. It is one of the best Netflix documentaries out there.

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