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Most Underrated Indian Movies of the Decade!!!

The previous decade so a bundle of some really amazing films

We all celebrated these films making them a huge success. But in that celebration, we somewhere forgot to notice some fine gems. The reason why these films got unnoticed is still not clear. Maybe it’s a matter of luck and destiny. So here are a few Indian films that didn’t get the deserved success in the box office and failed to reach a wider audience.

      1.  Stanley ka Dabba(2011)

stanley ka dabba

   The beauty of Stanley ka Dabbalies in its sheer simplicity and authenticity. The film is all about kids being kids with all their innocence and carefree attitude while adults are busy being adults with selfishness and quirks. Anyone who has seen the movie will return with abundant love rather than sympathy for Stanley, played by the extremely talented Partho Gupte. Not even once do you find him complaining or self-sympathizing for the circumstances, he has been thrown into. Though the film received critical appreciation, it failed to set the cash registers.

      2. Udaan(2010)


    Teenage angst is a less discussed topic in Bollywood. Rohan is an aspiring writer who has to now live with his “Hitler” father and a stepbrother he never knew about. Rohan’s emotionally stunted father forces him to live a disciplinarian life by working in a factory that is way out of Rohan’s league. Maybe due to the lack of glamour quotient (which is like a custom in Hindi cinema), the film Udaan didn’t get noticed by the masses.    

     3. Aabhasam (2018)


     This Malayalam film transcends way more than the reach it got. It acted as a mirror to the highly hypocritic and judgemental society where anyone who tries something different is accused and condemned for violating the preconceived norms of the society. The film released out of time which may add to the reason for film’s failure. Also, the film turns interesting only towards the end. The initial lag in the movie may have affected the overall unique storytelling of the film.

      4. Mayakkam Enna (2011)

mayakkam enna

    Dhanush’s exemplary performance as a struggling wildlife photographer is one of the main reasons why you will love the film. The movie is about life, struggles, and hardships. The film is a narrative of both Kartik and his wife Yamini’s perspective. It outshines in displaying complex emotions in particular scenes. It’s sad that the film didn’t do well at the box office.

      5.  Nil Battey Sannatta(2015) 

   nil battey sannatta

This Aswini Iyyer Tiwaridirectorial film portrays a beautiful bond between a hardworking mother and her lazy daughter. A maid by profession, Chanda is someone who thinks beyond the glass ceiling. While Chanda struggles day and night to give her daughter a life beyond the slums, her daughter has zero aspiration to become something in life. The movie ends beautifully by Chanda saying to her daughter- “ Sapna zaroor dekho”, giving us a sense of happiness and satisfaction, and above all a will to dream beyond.

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