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7 Indian Films with Tragic and Devastating Climax

Most of us love leaving the theatre with a big fat smile on our face, don’t we? But it’s not a bad idea either to enjoy films with a tragic end. They help us remind that endings are not always happy, some can be pretty devastating too. Movie endings are a game-changer. While you start with laughter and cheering, the ending can change the whole mood just like that. Here are some must-watch heartfelt Indian movies (both south Indian and Bollywood) with tragic and devastating climax. Make sure you keep your tissue box right next to you while watching them!


1. Vandanam (Malayalam, 1989)


There’s no beating this evergreen Malayalam film when it comes to tragic ends. No matter how old you are, you still feel a lump in your throat as you see the leading pair part ways, unaware that they are right next to each other. You feel like screaming at them, “JUST LOOK NEXT YOU! ” Only if they had cell phones in the 80s, all the confusion could have been avoided.


2. Deivathirumagal (Tamil, 2011)


Needless to mention Chiyaan Vikram’s stunning performance as an autistic father, Deiva Thirumagal is just so devastating. It’s about a mentally impaired father’s struggle to get his daughter back and the decision he makes in the end just leaves us crying. Well, he did what was best for his daughter.


3. Goliyon ki Rasleela Ramleela (Hindi, 2013)


A love that does not see a happy ending is always depressing to witness. Circumstances pulled away Ram and Leela. However, new circumstances created a way for their union but things end up differently for them. Based on Shakespeare’s great novel Romeo and Juliet, Goliyon ki Rasleela Ramleela has a climax that makes us feel sorry and helpless for the couple. This film will be top in the category of ‘sad Bollywood love story’ and is sure to make you cry.


   4. Kaazhcha (Malayalam, 2004)


     Based on the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake that rendered many people homeless, Kaazcha is just too heartbreaking to watch. We explore so many emotions through Mammootty’s character in this film. Apart from the screenplay, it is Mammootty who engrosses us throughout the movie.


5. Lootera (Hindi, 2013)

A highly underrated masterpiece, Lootera is just profoundly depressing. Set in the 1950s, Lootera is about Pakhi, a landlord’s daughter and a young man who is wanted by the police. The story is a mix of events that split them apart only to bring them together a year later. Lootera is more than a sad romantic Bollywood film. Again, a lovelorn sigh is all we left with at the end of the film.


       6. Maayanadi (Malayalam, 2018)

mayanadi malayalam romantic movie

Appu and Maathan are never getting old. Imagine you wait for someone without realizing that the wait is totally meaningless in all senses; it hurts. As the film ends, we see Appu (Aiswarya Lakshmi) making her debut as she always dreamt of and waiting for Maathan, who is never going to show up.


  7. Sairat (Marathi, 2016)

This Marathi film just leaves you numb. Dealing with the horrors of honor-killing, Sairat has one of the most devastating endings ever. It will take some time for you to get over the scene! That’s how intense and painful it is. Sairat was later remade into Bollywood as Dhadak, starring Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor.

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