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Classic Mohanlal Movies that explore his finest!

Mohanlal’s contributions in elevating the standards of Malayalam cinema are unmeasurable. For the last four decades, the complete actor has been surprising us every time we watch him on screen. Watching him perform itself is a wonderful feeling. There is going to be no Malayalee who does not approve of his dynamic acting skills. Here’s a list of some of Mohanlal’s classic performances that testify to the potential of this wonderful actor. These Mohanlal movies are indeed timeless!



Mohanlal’s performance in Vaanaprastham is regarded as one of the best and most challenging ones in his career. He plays Kunjikuttan, a low caste Kathakali dancer. Kathakali is an art form that requires years of persistence to master. Mohanlal can be seen performing Kathakali with such poise and grandeur in spite of not being professionally trained in the art form. His performance is so powerful that it becomes impossible to take our eyes off him.



Iruvar is Mohanlal’s first collaboration with Manirathnam. Though the film did not turn out to commercial success, it still went on to earn a cult classic status. Mohanlal’s character in Iruvar is vaguely based on the life of Tamil actor and politician MGR. MGR was a Malayalee who won the hearts of generations of Tamilians. Mohanlal was the aptest choice for such a role. He executes the character of Anandan to perfection.

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Chithram, directed by Priyadarshan had created history in Malayalam cinema by being the first Malayalam movie to complete 365 days of theatrical run. The film is very happening, colourful and unique in its narration. Mohanlal’s final scene still breaks our hearts.

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Talking about surrogacy back in 1980s may not sound like a cool idea. But guess what, Dasharatham did it with ease! The film explores the topic of surrogacy in a very dramatic and emotional way. Mohanlal is the one who steals the show here. His desperation for love, the excitement of having a son whom he call his own, and the calm in giving away his son is so brilliantly executed.



In Blessy’s directorial movie Thanmatra, Mohanlal plays an ordinary family man who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The toll the disease takes on his family is what the story explores. It is impossible to imagine another actor portray this complex character. Mohanlal also bagged the Kerala State Best Actor Award that year. I bet you can’t watch this film without teary eyes.


thalavattom mohanlal

This Mohanlal-Priyadarshan combo is set in a mental asylum. Mohanlal plays Vinod, an eccentric new patient to this mental asylum. The ruckus he creates there, how he ends up there and what happens to him is what the story is all about. Mohanlal swifts between the sane and insane versions of the character effortlessly.


mohanlal manichithrathazhu

Dr.Sunny Joseph is a character that is never getting old. Mohanlal’s quirky yet brilliant psychologist character is an evergreen one. His costumes, his dialogues his body language are impersonated even today.

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