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Malayalam Comedy Movies that will make your day!

Comedy is a genre that has zero haters. As a Malayalee, I have enjoyed Malayalam comedy movies more than anything. So, I thought of sharing my most favorite and funny Malayalam movies. If you are a non-Malayali, then this would be a good start for you to explore funny Malayalam movies.

1.Punjabi House (1998)

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Punjabi house malayalam movie

Have you made plans to watch Punjabi House? I am telling you; you are in for a laughter riot. I watched Punjabi House as a kid and never stopped watching it even after growing. The humor in the movie is going to stay with you forever. The jokes from Punjabi House are still popular among Malayalees irrespective of their age. Ramanan and his ‘Mothalali’ come together in Punjabi House to give the best comedy in Malayalam movies that anyone has ever seen.

2. CID Moosa (2003)

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CID Moosa Malayalam comedy movie

Watching CID Moosa is like watching a cartoon but as a movie with humans. I remember watching the movie when I was seven years old. But the interesting part is that the film is not just for kids. The jokes are crisp and sharp that even a fully grown adult will burst into laughter. The movie is about a young guy named Sahadevan who ends up being a CID due to certain circumstances. On his journey filled with humor and action, he fights off the bad guy.

3. Ramji Rao Speaking (1989)

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The movie is set in the time when Kerala was hit with unemployment and many young people were struggling to make a living for themselves. The movie tells their story humorously. Ramji Rao Speaking has three main characters- Gopalakrishnan, Balakrishnan, and Mannar Mathai. A misplaced phone call turns their life upside down. Desperate to get out of debt, they put themselves in a perilous situation. There are a lot of funny moments in the movie that will make your day.

4.Nadodikaatu (1987)

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nadodikaattu malayalam movie

Nadodikaatu is the first installment of the expedition of the famous character duo Dasan and Vijayan (played by Mohanlal and Sreenivasan respectively). Dasan and Vijayan are just two normal guys who want to put themselves in a better situation financially. Their immaturity, bickering banter, and desperation paves way for a laughter riot. Nadodikaatu is the funniest of the Dasan-Vijayan trilogy. The characters are so iconic that it is hard not to fall in love with their candor.

5.Minnaram (1994)

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Minnaram Malayalam comedy movie

Priyadarshan always knows how to make movies that make Malayalees laugh. He is the flagbearer of comedy movies. His film Minnaram, starring Shobana and Mohanlal, is a movie that I find extremely funny. On a sporadic day, Neena (played by Shobhana) comes to Bobby’s house with a baby girl and claims that Bobby is her child’s father. Bobby and Neena used to be in a relationship during their college days but for inexplicable reasons, they never saw each other until Neena’s appearance at Bobby’s house with a child. Bobby’s hilarious struggle to convince everyone that he is not the child’s father is what makes up for most of the humor.

6. My Boss (2012)

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My boss Malayalam comedy movie

To safeguard her stay in India, Priya decides to fake a marriage with her sub-ordinate Manu. To make the marriage look more believable, Manu suggests that they go to Manu’s home in Kerala. That’s when the laughter riot in My Boss begins. Mamta and Dileep, who play Priya and Manu have amazing chemistry and comic timing that makes the entire movie a fun ride.

7. Chattambinaadu (2009)

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Dashamoolam Damu in chattambinaadu

The one guy that made Chattambinaadu a funny Malayalam movie would be Suraj Venjaramoodu with his iconic character Dashamoolam Damu. Dashamaloom Damu is one of the funniest Malayalam characters ever. Suraj improvised the character so much and gave the best comedy in Malayalam movies. Apart from Dashamoolam Damu, Mammotty’s Kannada accent is also a humor element in the film. No matter how many funny characters come and go, Dashamoolam Damu will always remain the undisputed king of this zone.

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