Malayalam side characters that deserve a spinoff
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Side characters in Malayalam movies that deserve a spin-off!

The primary actors in the movie are the ones who usually get all the attention. But there have been situations where more than the lead characters, the supporting characters stole the show. We might even remember and rewatch these movies because of them. There are just so many such characters in Malayalam cinema that we loved over these years. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a spinoff for them? Here’s a list of some supporting characters who deserve a spinoff of their own.

1.Nandagopal Marar from Narasimham

Mammootty Narasimham Cameo

Though a cameo, Nandagopal Marar played by Mammootty left us thrilled with his dynamic persona. We just could not get enough of him. He would be one of the few guest characters in Malayalam cinema that enjoys a cult status even today. Now you tell me, doesn’t he deserve a movie of his own? Do you know what will make that movie even more exciting? If Poovally Indrachoodan (Mohanlal) makes a guest appearance in that movie!

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3.Dashamoolam Damu from Chattambinaadu

Dashamoolam Damu Suraj Venjaramoodu

Over the years Dashamoolam Damu has earned cult status for himself with the character trending in memes and trolls. I will watch Chattambinaadu all over again not for Mammootty but for Dashamoolam Damu. The guy is simply hilarious. An out-and-out comedy movie with Damu as the lead will rush the Malayali audience to the theatres.

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4. Mr.Ponjikkara from Kalyanaraman

Innocent as Ponjikkara in Kalyanaraman

Mr.Ponjikkara from Kalyanaraman just can’t stop boasting about his physique. Did he actually win the title of Mr.Ponjikkara? If he did, what was his journey like? What is he doing now? A spinoff can stretch out his story into something that will leave the audience in splits!

5.Girirajan Kozhi from Premam

Girirajan Kozhi from Premam

Girirajan Kozhi from Premam may have limited screen timing but there is something about the character and the way Sharafudheen has presented him that stays with us forever. He is not the cliched funny stalker but something different from this convention that makes him stand out. The character also fetched Sharafudheen instant fame and people remembered and referred to him as Girirajan Kozhi for a while. He also has his own catchphrase! I’m pretty sure a well-scripted spinoff of Girirajan Kozhi will receive immense love from the audience.

6. Bruce Lee Biji from Minnal Murali

Bruce lee Biji Minnal Murali

I liked how the film Minnal Murali does not confine Bruce Lee Biji as just the superhero’s girlfriend. She is more than that. While the superhero Minnal Murali was busy fighting Shibu it was Biji who saved Kurukanmoola from a disastrous event. After having witnessed that, how can one not want to see a full-length feature film where she single-handedly fights off the bad guys!

7. Kallan Prasad from Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Fahad in Thondimuthalum Drikshakshiyum

How is it possible to ward away the possibility of a spin-off of a character that has so much mystery hidden in his eyes? Kallan Prasad from Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum had so much to say but it felt like the movie couldn’t fit in his story. A movie that reflects on his past that paved for his circumstances in Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum would be quite an interesting one. And the only one we can rely on for this project to come out best would be the creator Dileesh Pothan himself.

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