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10 Greatest Movies of Mammootty (2024)

Looking Back At Best Movies of Mammootty in the last 50 something years

Who said stardom fades away with age? Whoever said that never met this amazing actor of Malayalam cinema. I’m talking about none other than the charming phenomenon Mammootty, affectionately called Mammookka by Malayalis. Mammootty seems to age like fine wine. A man who is nearly 70 years old, with 50+ years in the industry and yet shining with full glory like the day he first started. Here’s a list of all-time best movies of Mammootty.

1. Unda (2019)

In Unda, Mammootty delivers a compelling performance as Sub Inspector Mani, the leader of a Kerala Police team sent on election duty in a Maoist-affected area. Directed by Khalid Rahman, the film portrays Mammootty’s character with a blend of authority and vulnerability, showcasing the challenges faced by a seasoned police officer in a hostile environment. Unda resurrected Mammootty’s career after a couple of dry spells at the theatre.

Mammootty’s portrayal is authentic and grounded, capturing the weight of responsibility that his character Mani carries.

2. Mathilukal (1990)

Mathilukal - best movies of mammootty

Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan and based on the autobiographical novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Mathilukal tells the story of a political prisoner who finds solace and connection through words exchanged with a woman on the other side of the prison wall.

Through subtle gestures and expressions, Mammootty conveys the loneliness and longing of a man confined to his cell yet yearning for human connection.

His performance in the movie was credited as ‘25 Greatest Acting Performances of Indian Cinema’ by Forbes in April 2013.

3. CBI franchise

Mammootty CBI

Starting with ‘Oru CBI Diary Kurippu’ to ‘Nerariyan CBI’, there are a couple of movies under this CBI franchise, all equally gripping and thrilling. Spanning multiple films over several decades, this franchise has carved a niche for itself within the crime thriller genre, captivating audiences with its gripping narratives, and intense performances. Mammootty’s character Sethuram Iyyer CBI from this franchise is one of the most celebrated movie characters in Malayalam cinema.

4. Amaram (1991)

Mammootty in amamram
Image Courtesy- Mubi

Directed by celebrated director Bharathan, Amaram is one of the most acclaimed movies of Mammootty. Mammootty plays Achootty, an uneducated fisherman who lives with his daughter. He wants his daughter to be educated and become a doctor but his dreams are shattered when she falls in love with a young fisherman and elopes with him. Mammootty delivers a soul-stirring performance that anchors the film with its authenticity and emotional depth.

5. Thaniyavarthanam (1987)

Thaniyavarthanam, directed by Sibi Malayil, is a compelling Malayalam drama that delves into the societal stigma surrounding mental illness. Mammootty’s performance in Thaniyavarthanam is nothing short of remarkable, as he portrays Balan with a rare combination of sensitivity and depth. It is a testament to his versatility and talent as an actor, as he skillfully navigates the emotional depths of his character, leaving a lasting impact on viewers long after the credits roll.

6. Vidheyan (1993)

In Vidheyan, Mammootty delivers a chilling performance in the role of Bhaskara Patelar, an oppressive landlord in a remote village in Kerala. Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the film explores the complex power dynamics between Patelar and his submissive servant. Mammootty embodies the character’s ruthless cruelty and manipulative nature with unsettling authenticity. Through Mammootty’s portrayal, Patelar emerges as a compelling and unforgettable antagonist, showcasing the actor’s ability to bring depth and complexity to even the darkest of characters.

7. Peranbu (2018)

Mammootty’s vibrant filmography transcends language. He has done some amazing movies not just in Malayalam but also in Tamil and Peranbu is one such brilliant Tamil movie starring Mammootty. In this gut-wrenching movie, Mammootty wins us over with his performance as a confused father, Amudhavan, struggling to take care of his daughter who is suffering from cerebral palsy. Mammootty truly shines, infusing Amudhavan with a vulnerability and fragility that are both heartbreaking and hauntingly beautiful.

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8. Kaazcha (2004)


It is impossible to watch Kaazcha without shedding a few tears. Kaazcha is a movie about a young boy who gets lost in Kerala after being affected by the Gujarat earthquake of 2021 and befriends a film projectionist, Madhavan, played by Mammootty. The friendship that the two share evolves into something deeper, with Madhavan being an affectionate father to him. Mammootty truly shines in the second half of the film when it is time for him to part ways with the boy. The pain, desperation, and fatherly longing that Mammootty brings it to the table just melts our hearts.

9. Kaathal- The Core (2023)

Kaathal the Core Mammootty

The mere fact that he chose to play a closeted gay man at the peak of his stardom, while he is savoring his 70s speaks volumes about his enthusiasm to explore various dimensions of cinema and play characters that challenge him as an actor. Mammootty changed the way we perceived a “superstar” through Kaathal – The Core.

10. Mazhayethum Munpe (1995)

In Mazhayethum Munpe, directed by Kamal, Mammootty delivers a performance that is both understated and deeply impactful. Mammootty plays Nandakumar a college professor and the movie focuses on the love triangle between his fiance (played by Shobhana) and his student (played by Annie). Mammootty’s performance as a man lost and confused due to the unexpected turn of events in his life stands out in his illustrious list of performances.

So, tell me, which Mammootty film is your favorite?

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