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5 Disturbing Indian Movies I’ll Never Watch Again

Ever stumbled upon a movie that left you squirming in your seat, questioning the boundaries of your comfort zone? Well, I’ve and that’s what I plan to talk to you about in this blog. These films aren’t just stories; they’re raw, unsettling experiences that etch themselves into your memory.

These films, like emotional rollercoasters, take us through uncharted territories, challenging our perceptions, and beckoning us to witness the complexities of human experience. So, let’s get into it- Disturbing Indian Films That I’ll Never Watch Again:

1.Appan (Malayalam)

Appan SonyLiv Malayalam Movie

A bedridden patriarch who has never been of any help to his family only makes things worse for them even while on his deathbed. Appan is a film that left me confused and sad. The film is unapologetic in its adult conversations and makes you sympathize with the family who have to deal with all the absurd selfishness and cruelty of the patriarch of the house. The film has its flaws but is a slow-paced burner that will leave you uncomfortable.

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2. Trapped (Hindi)

trapped hindi survival thriller

Trapped takes you on a nerve-wracking journey into the life of Shaurya, played by Rajkummar Rao. Shaurya’s new cozy Mumbai apartment turns into a prison when he gets locked in it. To make it worse, it is an isolated building, hence there is no one to answer his desperate screams for help.  Shaurya’s resources start to deplete, isolation creeps in, and you’re right there with him, feeling the walls close in.

The discomfort isn’t just in the physicality of the space; it’s in the palpable panic, the desperation etched on Shaurya’s face. When Shaurya confides in eating rats and pigeons to keep him alive, that’s when the discomfit peaks for the viewer. You find yourself holding your breath, immersed in the struggle for survival in a supposedly secure urban cocoon.

3. NH10 (Hindi)

NH10 Anushka Sharma

A road trip gone terribly wrong would be one way to describe NH10. Meera (played by Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) witness a brutal honor killing in the heart of rural India. They get pulled into the horrors behind the brutal attack and now they have to fight for their freedom, to go back to their simple life. The discomfort isn’t distant; it’s in every gritty frame.

As Meera confronts the harsh realities hidden beneath societal norms, you’re taken on a gut-wrenching ride. The discomfort intensifies, and you become a passenger navigating through the unsettling truths of a society that often prefers shadows to light. NH10 isn’t just a film; it’s an uncomfortable exploration of the dark corners we’d rather ignore. Anushka’s performance in NH10 has to be one of the finest in her career.

4. Iratta (Malayalam)

iratta- disturbing movies
Image Courtesy: DMT

Streaming now on Netflix, Iratta is a murder mystery thriller that ends on a very uncomfortable note. The film is about a pair of twins Pramod Kumar and Vinod Kumar. Both are police officers but of different ranks. The whole film is about investigating the murder of Vinod Kumar who is suddenly found dead in his station. The investigation unveils some very disturbing secrets and the gut-wrenching climax is the most disturbing of them all. Excellent story, and brilliant performances, yet this is one film I am never going to see again.

5. Kalapaani (Malayalam)

kalapani mohanlal

Priyadarshan’s Kalapaani immerses you in the harsh realities of British colonial rule, specifically in the notorious Cellular Jail. This film is a poignant journey through personal sacrifices and unwavering resilience. Through Govardhan (Mohanlal), the film takes us through the journey of prisoners who were brutally mistreated in the Cellular jail by the British tyrants. You become invested in their personal battles, navigating through the film not as a passive observer but as a companion to characters who refuse to bow down to oppression.

The film gets uncomfortable to watch as we witness the torture and humiliation that the prisoners go through. There is one particular scene where Govardhan is asked to clean Mirza Khan’s (Amrish Puri) shoes with his tongue!  The film becomes a mirror reflecting the intricate web of personal struggles within the broader fight for independence.

Have you ever watched a film that you never want to see again because it made you uncomfortable? Tell me in the comments.

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