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10 Malayalam movies on SonyLIV that truly stand out!

SonyLIV may be a relatively new OTT platform but the kind of content that they are putting up is surely sending a signal that SonyLIV will soon rule the OTT space. Unlike other OTT platforms, they don’t go for star-studded movies, rather they opt for more content-driven cinema. Here is a list of Malayalam movies on SonyLIV that are unique and definitely worth your time.


Bhoothakalam SonyLIV

Malayalam cinema’s experiments with the horror genre have never been very fruitful. The templates were usually the same, and very few movies sent a chill through our spines. Bhoothakalam is a surprisingly brilliant Malayalam movie in this genre that will take your breath away. It is one of the best horror movies ever made in Malayalam cinema. The story revolves around a mother and a son in a rented home where the son experiences paranormal activities. There are no spooky age-old folklores or ‘yakshis’, just rotten hands creeping through the door, fading cries of women, and random dark figures in the corner of the rooms that freeze our hearts for a moment. Shane Nigam and Revathy have also done a stunning job in Bhoothakalam. It is undoubtedly one of the best Malayalam movies on SonyLIV.

2. Freedom Fight

Freedom Fight on SonyLIV

Freedom Fight is one of the best Malayalam anthology movies that resonate with the theme of individual space and freedom. Created by Jeo Baby (The Great Indian Kitchen fame), Freedom Fight has five different short stories that reflect on the freedom of varying class and socio-political divisions. Every story feels very raw, honest, and even harsh. The stories leave us with a lot to think about and contemplate.

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3. Kaanekkaane

tovino kaanekaane

Directed by Manu Ashokan, who is known for his highly successful film Uyare, Kaanekkaane is an intriguing mystery thriller that will keep us at the edge of our seats. The movie stars Tovino Thomas, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Shruthy Ramachandran in the lead roles with Suraj Venjaramoodu adding to the vibrant star cast. Kaanekaane interrogates complex marital relationships and the rift they can create in families. Mostly backed by Suraj, Tovino, and Aishwarya Lekshmi, Kaanekaane is a thrilling narrative that will keep us hooked.

4. Madhuram

Madhuram Malayalam Movie

Madhuram tells the sweet relationship formed by a bunch of people who meet at the bystander ward of a government hospital in Ernakulam. They bond over the shared pain and worries and find solace and comfort in each other. It is a sweet slice of film that peeks into the lives of these bystanders as they loiter in the hospital corridors waiting for their loved ones to be cured as soon as possible. With several soulful moments and visually tempting delicacies, Madhuram wins us over.

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5. Thinkalazcha Nischayam

Thinkalazcha Nischayam

Thinkalazcha Nischayam won the Second-Best Film and the Best Story at the 51st Kerala State Film Awards. In spite of having newcomers, the film caught the attention of a larger audience, thus proving to us that good content always gets appreciated. The film is a satirical take on Kerala society’s obsession with marriage and how patriarchs take immense pride in getting their daughters married as per societal norms. Thinkalazcha Nischayam will make you laugh and think at the same time.

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6. Churuli

Director by the Master of Chaos, Lijo Jose Pellissery, Churuli is a science fiction mystery horror that is one of a kind in Malayalam cinema that experiments with a whole new genre. The film stars Chemban Vinod, Vinay Forrt, Joju George, and other noted actors who come together to give a film worth remembering. As a science fiction movie, this Malayalam movie in SonyLIV is quite an interesting and exciting experience.

7. Purusha Pretham

Purusha pretham dars

Starring Darshana Rajendran, Purusha Pretham is a dark comedy Malayalam movie. The story revolves around an abandoned male dead body and a woman who claims that it is the body of her husband. A tiff between the police officers and the lady creates the premise for a fun and engaging film. The entire film is shot in a very interesting way and the narrative really keeps us invested.

8. Appan

Appan SonyLiv Malayalam Movie

Appan is one the most disturbing Malayalam films I have ever watched. A bedridden obnoxious father and a family waiting for him to die; Appan is heartwrenching to watch. The plight of the son, played by Sunny Wayne, his mother played by Pauly Valsan and others involved can really leave you a little uncomfortable by the end. Let me tell you that Appan is not for the faint-hearted.

9. Saudi Vellakka

Saudi Vellakka is a slice-of-life drama that will surely spread the warmth. A small case stretches over for more than a decade and alters the life of everyone involved. An emotionally rich narrative, Saudi Vellakka is a film that will make your day.

10. Puzhu

Puzhu Mammootty

Mammootty is just getting better and better with every year. Puzhu is a dark and disturbing film where he sheds his superstar tag and plays a bigot. You can watch the whole film just for him. Puzhu uncovers the deeper layers of bigotry and hatred through Mammootty’s character Kuttan. Parvathy Thiruvothu joins him as his sister. Puzhu is one of the best Malayalam films on SonyLiv

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