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Madhuram Movie Review: When Hospitals Become a Breeding Ground of Hope

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Joju George, Shruthi Ramachandran, Arjun Ashokan, Indrans, Nikhila Vimal

With some big releases hogging the limelight last week, there is a soulful movie that perhaps is not getting enough credit. I’m talking about Madhuram which was released recently on SonyLIV.

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What is the Malayalam Movie Madhuram About

How do you deal with things that are simply beyond your control? Sometimes the only possible way would be to share what you feel with your fellow companions. This is the underlying theme of the Malayalam movie Madhuram. Madhuram explores the beauty of companionship, optimism during hard times, and the relevance of meaningful relationships.

Just like the name of the movie, Madhuram (translates as sweet in Malayalam) is a sweet slice-of-life drama. A bunch of people whose lives are falling apart find comfort and hope in the shared bystander room of a government hospital. The frames of Madhuram capture the connections formed and emotions expressed in this bystander room. Just like in his previous movie June, director Ahammed Khabeer lightens our mood with subtle humor and poignant emotions. He does this without any over-the-top melodramatic gimmick.

Madhuram and its Soul-Stirring Plot

Madhuram Malayalam movie

The film focuses on Sabu (played by Joju George), who is at the hospital for his wife’s treatment. He has been here for a long time, enough to make friendships with fellow bystanders. Joju’s burly presence finds accurate space throughout the film. He is the guy who may come across as overly optimistic but has his breaking points. In the flashback shots, we see that Sabu falls in love with Chitra (Shruthi Ramachandran), a Gujarati girl raised in Kochi, and eventually marries her. Their romantic moments are beautifully picturized and connect with us instantly. Food plays a major role in their romance throughout. The chicken biriyani, the piping hot jalebis, ‘meen varathathu’ (fish fry) all add to their romantic storyline. Shruthi Ramachandran is delightfully convincing as Chitra. Her enchanting eyes do most of the acting in Madhuram.

Kevin (played by Arjun Ashokan), a newlywed young man is at the hospital for his mother’s surgery. His relations with his wife Cherry (played by Nikhila Vimal) is faltering due to some petty issues. Ravi (played by Indrans), a moderately old man is also there for his wife’s treatment. And several other characters are at the hospital who are going through their own sets of troubles. The movie addresses all these troubles and issues and gives a sense of completion to the characters and their individual stories.

Every actor in the movie offers a memorable performance throughout the runtime of the film.

Leaving us With a Dash of Hope

With a promising cast, beautiful songs, and delightful moments, Madhuram leaves us smiling and full. We all, at some point in our lives, must have been in the same situation as the characters in Madhuram. And that is why the film connects with us instantly.

If I were to closely introspect, there would just be one thing I found as a drawback of Madhuram. The film at times overdoes optimism, veering away from the dullness and tension of real life. But this does not downplay the sweetness that the movie imparts in any way.

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