Thinkalazcha Nischayam
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Thinkalazcha Nischayam: A familiar take on family conflicts

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Manoj K U, Ajisha Prabhakaran, Anagha Narayanan, Unnimaya Nalappadam, Arpit P R

Director: Senna Hegde

Watch on: SonyLIV

Thanks to the 51st Kerala State Film Awards or else I would have never known about Thinkalazcha Nischayam. In case you did not know, the film bagged the Second Best Film and Best Story at the 51st Kerala State Film Awards.

As the title of the movie suggests, the story is about an engagement that is supposed to happen on Monday. The girl to be engaged is Suja. The guy, as you can easily interpret, is from UAE. Her attempts at breaking the engagement turn out to be futile. Her father Vijayan is adamant about this alliance and wants it to happen at any cost. The reason for his interest in this engagement is not the immense love for his daughter Suja, but a compensation for the lost pride during his eldest daughter’s wedding as she created a ruckus and married a man of her choice. Vijayan does not even bother to ask Suja’s opinion on the engagement because ‘his house his rules’. Vijayan is not an evil father who tortures his kids, he is just a patriarch who does not believe in giving his grown-up kids a choice with their life decisions. His desperation in establishing the authoritarian figure is palpable in his sporadic anger and outbursts.

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In Kerala, marriages and related functions are a big deal. It does not matter whether the couple in question are compatible, it is the family pride that tops everything. Thinkalazcha Nischayam is a sarcastic confrontation of this pointless custom. It is a refreshing take on familiar family conflicts. There are several scenes where we can associate with the characters and the circumstances.

The visual representation of a Malayalee household during the festive time is pitch-perfect. The random jamming, hustling, and planning are some of the most relatable aspects of the film. The songs in Thinkalazcha Nischayam are sweet and appropriate to the situation.

The movie is set in Kanhangad, a small village in North Kerala. The Kasargod accent is well etched in the movie and so is the lush greenery of that locality. The movie brings out the beauty in the simplest of things. Director Senna Hegde’s upbringing in the town seems to have helped him get the frames right.

The intention of a movie becomes very clear when it is set in the most normal middle-class household. This helps in establishing a sense of relatability and feels more real. Thinkalazcha Nischayam is, therefore, a highly impactful film. It sheds light on freedom of choice in a typical rural Malayalee household in a hilarious way. It handles the subtlety of the theme with care.

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The film has no popular faces. The actors transcend the limitations of newcomers and come together to deliver one of the finest performances we have seen this year. Manoj KU plays the authoritarian father with astounding conviction. Anagha Narayanan leaves a mark as Suja. Every character in the movie is well placed and has something to contribute. Every actor in the movie lives up to their designated roles as well.

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