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Malayalam thriller movies to pump up the adrenaline rush!

Who said Malayalam cinema is just the reserve hub of feel-good movies? Malayalam cinema is so diverse and experimental that there are some good movies for every genre. Thriller is one such genre that has a good fan base. Check out these Malayalam thriller movies that are sure you give you an adrenaline rush.

1.Drishyam (2013)


Drishyam is undoubtedly one of the best thriller movies ever made in Indian cinema. With a relaxing first half, the movie completely veers away to an intriguing and thrilling tone in the second half. The experience is something we will always cherish. Drishyam is a story about a common man’s struggle to protect his family from the consequences of an accident that can put them behind the bars. The climax will you stunned. The sequel of Drishyam had released recently on Amazon Prime during the pandemic and was an unexpected hit.

2. Love (2020)

Love Malayalam

I love thrillers that differ from the conventional narrative of this genre. Love is one such film. The movie is mainly about the conversation between a couple in their apartment. From how they speak to each other, it is obvious that they don’t seem to be in a happy relationship. I can’t give away more about the plot as it is something you need to explore for yourself.

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3. Traffic (2011)

Inspired by true events, Traffic turned out to be a game-changer for Malayalam cinema. It marked the beginning of what we call the ‘new-gen movies’. The plot revolves around the transport of a human heart from one hospital to another for heart transplantation surgery. The time constraint makes this transportation even more challenging. The entire mood of the movie is so thrilling that you would not want to miss a moment of it.

4. Our Kuprasidha Payyan (2018)

Oru Kuprasidha Kallan - Malayalam thriller movies

Not many talk about this gem of a movie directed by Madhupal. Oru Kuprasidha Payyan stars Tovino Thomas, Nimisha Sajayan, and Anu Sithara in primary roles. The movie follows the trial of a young, orphaned, innocent man who is accused of murdering an old woman. There is not much mystery involved but the way the trial proceeds builds in the much-needed adrenaline rush. There are some twists and turns to heat up things.

5. Anveshanam (2020)

Anweshanam Malayalam thriller movies

A child is rushed to the hospital by his mother due to a severe head injury. What happened to the child? How did he get injured so brutally? You have to wait till the end to figure it out. The movie leaves us in a shock. Sometimes, our harmless intentions can cost so much.

6. Athiran (2019)

Athiran Fahad Fasil

Loosely inspired by the Hollywood movie Shutter Island, Athiran is a compelling psychological thriller. Dr. Kannan Nair (played by Fahad Faasil) is a psychiatrist who comes to an eerie mental asylum set in the wilderness for inspection. There is something fishy about the place and Dr. Kannan Nair is resolute to find out the dirty business that happens in this asylum. But things are far from what we imagine. While watching Athiran, we are in for a mesmerizing experience.

7. Theevram (2012)

Theevram was Dulquer Salman’s third movie after two box-office successes. The movie introduced us to another aspect of Dulquer’s acting skills. He plays Harsha, a young musician whose wife is brutally raped and murdered by an auto driver. He pledges to take revenge on the man by making him go through the same pain his wife had gone through. From a simple lad, Harsha turns into a criminal-minded man.

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