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Best Malayalam Movies on Hotstar (2020)

Here’s your complete streaming guide for Malayalam movies to watch on Hotstar.

Malayalam films are always a delight to watch. Disney + Hotstar has some really amazing Malayalam films that you should not miss at any cost.

1.Bangalore Days

Banglore Days on Disney Hotstar

Romantic Comedy Drama

There’s nothing more refreshing than an Anjali Menon directorial. Bringing together the most loved young Malayalam actors, Bangalore Days just leaves you content and nostalgic. It’s like a breeze of fresh air in our constant mechanical lives.  The three lead actors – Nazriya Nazim, Dulquer Salman, and Nivin Pauly deliver a performance of a lifetime. Find me one person who hates this film and I’ll stop watching films forever!

2.Action Hero Biju


Comedy-police procedural drama

What comes to your mind when you think of a cop movie? Gravity-defying fight sequences, chasing, some power pact dialogues, right? Action Hero Biju breaks all these clichés. It’s by far the most honest portrayal of a lowly cop from Kerala. Watch this film to get a clearer insight into the day to day life of a sub-inspector. The best thing about Action Hero Biju is how it incorporates so many subplots without boring us even for a second.

3.Take Off


Thriller Drama

Remember the ordeal of Indian nurses in Iraq a couple of years back? Take Off is a fictionalized version of the same incident. Backed by some power-packed performances the film thrills us till the end. Directed by Mahesh Narayanan, Take Off has some really gripping and intriguing visuals and stunts that are crucial to the art of film making.

4.Aadu – Oru Bheekara Jeevi Ahnu


Slapstick Comedy Drama

Before you judge the film for its commercial failure, let me remind you that the second installment of Aadu broke all the box office records that year! Maybe the initial failure was because the audience was not ready for a character-driven cinema rather than a story-driven cinema. Aadu is all about the characters in it. From Shaji Paapan to Lolan, you are going to love all of them for making you laugh so hard.


Coming-of-age romance

This film is just impossible to describe. It’s a Malayalam version of a “mass” film. There’s action, there’s some soulful music, there are punch dialogues, there’s romance, there’s everything you want in a film. Premam feels fresh every time you watch it.

6.Ennu Ninde Moideen


Biographical romantic drama

How long can love wait? A lifetime. Ennu Ninde Moideen is a testament to that. Based on the story of a real couple by the same name, Ennu Ninde Moideen transcends time to prove that true love exists and that it does not require religion or faith to succeed. The film is set in the early 70s and the makers have done a great job in recreating the era. Performances by Parvathy Thiruvoth and Prithviraj Sukumaran are splendid. In a time where relationships are lost for no particular reason, Kanchana and Moideen make you believe in honest relationships.



Psychological drama

Yet another Anjali Menon brilliance, Koode is the Malayalam adaptation of Atul Kulkarni’s Marathi film Happy Journey. Koode is a soothing ride of two hours that will make you smile and cry. Joshua, played by Prithviraj Sukumaran returns home after several years to attend his baby sister’s funeral. He was shipped off to a foreign land due to his family’s financial constraints and since then life has been merely a mechanical existence for him. He never really had a good time with his sister. Maybe that’s why she comes back as a ghost to turn him into a human of emotions and feelings.

8.Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi



Coming of age romantic comedy

Most female-oriented films are either too preachy or very intense. That’s where June begs to differ. June is not a film about how a woman overcame the odds by struggle and hard work. It’s a simple delightful movie carried by a female protagonist (whose name is June) that details her life of ten years (from 16 to 26). The film beautifully captures the teenage dilemma, first crush, first heartbreak, and life after. Personally, films that are carried entirely by female actors seem more empowering than films that preach gender equality.


If you are in for a cathartic experience, then this one is a perfect choice. A middle-class father has high dreams for his son. He wants him to become an IAS officer and has been preparing him for that for a long time. But unexpected things turn their life upside down. Alzheimer’s is a disease that robs the person of his memory, that is exactly what happens to the father. But the son is not ready to give up. The series of events and how they cope up with the sudden turns of events is what the film all about.

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