Do cinemas give us a wrong perception about love?- The Valentine’s Series

When Kuch Kuch Hota Hain released in 1998, people flocked into the theatres to celebrate the love of Rahul and Anjali, making the movie a trendsetter. But, seriously Anjali, you chose Rahul after all this! 

This guy dumps you for your looks and goes after a chic who in spite of being an NRI keeps up with the traditional Indian values(by singing ‘Raghupathi Raghav..’) and you still chose him dumping Aman who loved you for all that you were. Rahul, who zero feelings for you now suddenly lures you and why? because now like Neena, you have a boosted Indian values which are evident from your long Indian hair and saree. It’s not romantic, it’s ignorant!!

Indian cinema has been creating quite a ruckus on the perception of love. The majority of the Hindi films have been cheating us on what love actually is. It’s not about “
 Agar Woh Mujhe Pyaar Karti Hai Toh Palat Ke Zaroor Dekhegi..”(If she loves me she will turn and look at me) or “…Ek Ladka or Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ban Sakte Hain..”(A girl and a boy can never remain friends) Like seriously, are you kidding me! Why can’t a girl and a boy be just friends?

Film – Raanjhana

      Heroes from Indian cinema have given a wrong impression about how a lover should be. We grew up seeing them stalking women, commenting about them, and creating a drama(like threatening to jump off a building)  just to get the girl’s attention. 

Remember Kundan from Ranjhana, he cuts his wrist and boom! the girl said yes. How easy and cool right. Such people are not ‘aashik’ they are psychic.  Nearly all the romantic movies from the 80s and 90s worshipped such lovers. It’s ridiculous. 

Film – Ennu Ninde Moideen

    With many so-called romantic movies, emphasis on looks-based love only got its core stronger. While a part of Bollywood still struggles to come out of this pre-conceived notion, many regional films have taken a diversion and reflected on what love actually is.  
Ennu Ninde Moideen(2015, Malayalam) had given us a true heart touching insight on the fact that love is about perseverance, taking a chance, and understanding. It brings to the younger generation not just a biography of the Moideen-Kanchanamala couple, but the whole essence of romance itself. 

The couple disregarded all the odds that came their way, primarily religion, and never let their love die. The passing years only strengthened their relationship. And finally, when they were about to get a life together, things went downhill. But their love still didn’t die. They didn’t let it die.

In the present generation where it doesn’t take even a second thought before breaking a relationship, this movie speaks volumes. 

    However, there have been exceptions in Bollywood in this context, like the movie Barfi. It wasn’t a well planned, looks-based love. It just happened between Barfi and Jhilmil. Barfi was a dumb and mute boy while Jhilmil was autistic.

They were not perfect for the world but were perfect for each other They enjoyed each others’ company and understood each other. Isn’t that love all about?

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