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Best Proposal Scenes in Bollywood & Malayalam Movies

“Is he going to say it! What if he doesn’t? What if he never does!!”

“Will she accept my proposal? What if she doesn’t feel the same way!”

Proposals are always an adrenaline rush, be it for a girl or for a boy. And at that moment, nothing else matters.

It’s just this gush to vomit out all the sweet words that you prepared (or maybe just came out straight from the heart!) to say to your sweetheart. Movies have always been a source of inspiration for buttoning up for proposals. We refer to their dialogues, style, or maybe even the getup. Here is a look at some cute, funny, heartfelt proposals that I found worth sharing.

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013, Hindi)


      “Mujhe Pyaar ho Jayega, Phir Se!” (I’ll fall in love with you, again) Naina confessing her love for Bunny with this dialogue is just melting. Discussions on this single monologue are inevitable, taking into consideration the prior relationship history of the leading duo, Ranbir and Deepika. The background just adds beauty to the scene and makes the entire setup look more romantic.

2. Luca (2019, Malayalam)

Luca Malayalam Movie
After making an impressive effort to get some lovely flowers for his sweetheart straight in the morning to propose to her, Luca finds out that his proposal went to the wrong person! Can you imagine the embarrassment Luca must have faced! Sometimes it is hard to know who is on the other side of the bathroom door. The scene is so funny and cute that it will find a place on anyone’s list of favorite proposal scenes.

3. Dil Chahta Hai (2001, Hindi)

dil chahta hai

      Toward the end of the film, with Akash proposing to Shalini, we see a very self-obsessed Akash turning into a caring and loving person who learns to love someone beyond himself.  He always knew he loved her but it took him a while to accept it. The drama of the entire scene lies in the fact that all this happens on Shalini’s wedding eve!

4. Wake up Sid (2009, Hindi)

wake up sid

      Being smitten in love is a wonderful feeling, but to accept what you feel and confess those feelings to the person requires courage. For Aisha, this courage took a while to build in. Aisha is an aspiring writer and uses her writing skills to finally confess her feelings for Sid, who is now no more a ‘baccha’ (kid) for her. Sid rushes to her after reading her article and tells her something that she should have done long ago, ‘Ghar pe bhi toh bata Sakti thina..’ (You could have said this at home too). The scene is too sweet to take in. ‘Mumbai ki Baarish‘ makes the scene more romantic.

5. Om Shanti Oshana (2014, Malayalam)

ohm shanthi oshana malayalam movie

It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that the person you have liked for a long time likes you back as well. When Pooja has almost given up and believes that she is never going to get the same love back, Giri proposes to her unexpectedly. The scene is both funny and cute at the same time. And the charm of the leading duo makes the proposal scene more appealing. This movie broke the norm of ‘the-guy-always-proposes’ that somewhere existed in society.

      Comment your favorite proposal scenes from any film!

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