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Here's how these Bollywood Movies challenged our Education System

'Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think'
- Albert Einstien
But how well does the current education system incline to these wise words of the great scientist?
In a country where thinking differently is always considered insane and where creativity and new ideas are kept in the queue, the education system has miles to go.

Has our education system accommodated all dreams?

Every student is different. They have different dreams and aspirations for their lives. But all that gets lost in the rat race that we are being forced to be part of. Some may want to just go by the flow and prefer the ‘safer’ options put in front of them but some may be helpless in expressing their desires due to peer pressure and lack of encouragement.
3 idiots
3 Idiots 
Farhan from 3 Idiots was one such person. Academically brilliant, Farhan, like many others, was forced to take up engineering. Through Farhan, we saw how showing the courage to talk about your dreams can bring you inner peace and happiness. The film ends showing Farhan convincing his parents to pursue his passion for wildlife photography and eventually becoming a successful one.
The film 3 Idiots also opens our eyes to the pointless rat race we are unknowingly becoming a part of. Through the central character Rancho (played by Aamir Khan) the film beautifully conveys that it is not about marks and ranks but excellence and thorough understanding via interest that will impart true knowledge. It is this excellence and knowledge that will take you to great heights and not the numbers in your mark sheet.  

Udaan (2010)
Udaan(2011) was yet another movie on how the institutionalized education system crept onto a teenager’s dream of becoming a writer. Rohan, a 17-year-old boy is forced to live his life as per his dad’s choices who want Rohan to become an engineer.
Unlike the parents in 3 Idiots, Rohan’s father Bhairav is a really cruel man who has no affection or care for his son. It was rather liberating to see Rohan run away from the evil shackles of his crude father to make his own life and live on his own terms. 

Should all students be taught the same way?

Not all kids have the same level of intelligence. It would be rather unfair to expect them to grasp things quickly like their friends. The constant comparison of academic performance can deprive such children of self-worth and leave them hopeless.
Ishaan from Taare Zameen Par was Dyslexic, a disease where children find it hard to learn things. Rather than focussing on his real issue, he was tagged as ‘stupid’ and a loser.
The same method of teaching may not apply to a person with dyslexia. Instead of providing him help, all he received was rejections and mockery. The film leaves us thinking about the efficiency of the current commercialized academics where people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties are not given any consideration.
Ram Sankar Nikhumb played by Aamir Khan is that teacher who tried to help Ishaan in learning to read. He emphasized on how adapting to unique teaching methods will definitely create a difference. It was a relief to see how Ishaan eventually was reading and writing and gained back his lost worth for himself. 

How good has been the Right to Education?

However, the Bollywood film Hichki addressed a much more serious issue-the privilege of education to the upper class. The kids who got admission through the Right to Education(free and compulsory education for children in the age group 6 to 14) are just sided off as ‘charity work’.
All the negligence and rejection only made them feel like they don’t deserve an education and it won’t do them any good. The 14 students who live in the Mumbai slums are made to realize by their teacher Naina Mathur( Rani Mukherjee) the importance of education and how it can earn them respect in the society.
She uplifts them from feeling left out in a school surrounded by the rich and privileged section. The film ends with all these children achieving higher education and owning a respectable job and finding acceptance in society.
'Right to Education' is never a charity rather it is a fundamental right in the constitution of India. It is important that elite schools and other educational institutions think from a perspective beyond business and commercialization. 


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