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Indian Movies against LKK (Log Kya Kahenge) Syndrome

Times when Indian Cinema stood against LKK syndrome

While three fourth of the younger population in other nations are struggling with issues like teenage pregnancy and drug addiction, the youth of our country are still stuck behind the social barriers restricting them to live the life of their dreams. This crisis has often served as the plot for many Indian movies.

 Cinema is a vast mass media and has a wide reach. Many times Indian cinema has made an attempt; mostly successful attempt in speaking against the odds. These odds can be summarized as an Indian citizen’s uncanny obsession with other people’s judgment; in simple words-“Log Kya kahenge”.
For years “Log Kya kahenge” has been a medicine shoved down every youth’s throat. Dress, education, gender, or even sexuality; when a choice regarding these has to be made the patients of LKK syndrome place the opinions of others in the first place rather than their own personal interest.

Let’s have a look at some selected films that spoke against India’s obsession with LKK syndrome and went on to inspire and motivate young minds.

1.   3 IDIOTS(2009 Hindi)


3 idiots
3 Idiots

The first film that pops up in our mind while thinking of LKK syndrome-3 Idiots. Even though the movie deals with the various educational dilemma in our country the part where Farhan Qureshi (played by R.Madhavan) confronts his parents to choose a profession he likes agrees more with our discussion.

A truly inspiring and touching emotional scene, it persuades us to do what we love rather than love what we do no matter what others say.

The first  Indian film to cross 300 crores, 3 idiots received a deserved victory and are still sighted as a movie that every Indian should watch.

2. GODHA(2017 Malayalam)

Film – Godha
The knot of “Log Kya kahenge” is tied more tightly around the neck of every Indian girl. Hence they are victimized and subjected more to other people’s judgment. Godha is one such Malayalam movie that explores the life and struggle of a Punjabi wrestler (played by Wamiqa Gabbi) who elopes to Kerala to pursue her dream of making a mark in the male-dominant sports industry.

In India harassing sportswomen based on the outfit they wear is something that needs to be looked upon. Godha explores that horizon of LKK syndrome too. A funny romantic sports drama, this film is worth a watch and inspires every young girl to follow her dreams.

3. DEAR  ZINDAGI (2017 Hindi)

dear zindagi
Film – Dear Zindagi
I bet you won’t open up about your depression in a country like India because if you do so you would be declared “MAD”. The same story “Log Kya Kahenge” forces percent of the population to live silently with their worries, anxieties, and depression leading to a more stressful life.
Beautifully directed by ace director Gauri Shinde Dear Zindagi opens up about mental health taboos prevailing in our country and convinces us that it is no sin to speak up about your worries. Above all, it’s a film that encourages us to love our life. Alia Bhatt too was successful in representing a perplexing youth of our country dealing with anxiety issues. The one thing we all want after watching this movie is “Dr. Jug”!!!

4. ALIGARH(2015 Hindi )

Film – Aligarh
Based on the life of professor Ramachandra Siras(played by Manoj Bajpayee) who was expelled from his workplace on the assault of being homosexual, Aligarh throws light on how society sees and treats a person with a different sexual orientation. There are still many in our country who fear admitting their sexuality fearing what others may say or think. Aligarh is a man’s struggle to earn back both his lost job and respect in society.

5 . AREKTI PREMER GOLPO (2010 Bengali)

Film – Arekti Premer Golpo
 The LGBT community in our country is the most vulnerable community along with women. How the LKK syndrome has exploited the lives of every transgender needs no explanation. This Bengali movie is one of a kind starring the late Rituparno Ghosh that shows how trans genders in India are misused by men.

The plight, the suffering; everything is just so heart touching. This film is a depiction of society’s attitude towards a person who chooses his own sexuality and changes our mindset towards transgender.


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