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Movies and Moving-On??- Life post love failure in movies

Love at first sight, date nights, proposals, happy moments…then what? Happily, ever after? We all know that love does not always come with a ‘happily ever after’! At times it comes along with heartbreak, resentment, and loss of hope in self.

Movies have always glorified love, its beauty, its intensity, and every other aspect that would make you believe in the concept of finding true love. And movies about love rejections and failures resort to suicides and tragic ends as a plausible plot ending!

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However, we are thankful for some movies and characters like Rani from Queen and Geet from Jab We Met that helped us love ourselves a little more when we lay most vulnerable and broken.

Vikas Behl’s directorial Queen is a brilliant woman-centric movie whose female protagonist, Rani, is not someone who goes on to win an Olympic medal or create history (which is what most women-centric movies today is about). Rani is just an ordinary girl with no big dreams, and she gets rejected by her fiancé out of nowhere on her wedding eve.

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What makes Rani inspirational is how she chooses to deal with her trauma; by setting out on her honeymoon all by herself! In her journey, Rani shows us that it is crucial to love ourselves before anything and that we should not lower our standards for anybody. She showed us that it is liberating and beautiful to be by ourselves.


Raja Rani (Tamil, 2013) was a movie about the life of two heartbroken people who marry just for the sake of their parents. This is often what happens in our country. Children oblige to marry random people only to make their parents happy. However, through their highs and lows, they forget their past to discover their newly found love for each other.

Director Atlee’s debut film is a fun and emotional ride that explores the depth of the relationship of the main characters Regina (Nayantara) and John (Aarya).

Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Vaaranam Ayiram (Tamil, 2008) dealt with the same emotion. First, love makes you weak in your knees, and later, the unexpected loss of that love can make people go insane. To let go of that lost feeling, some find solace in the consumption of drugs and alcohol. To come out of the chains and to move on is beautifully picturized in the film.

Varanam Ayiram was very well-received and remains one of the finest films ever made in Tamil.

Actor Suriya also received appreciation from the critics for his intense character portrayal.

500 days of summer

However, I somewhere believe that Hollywood movies have done a better job in comforting broken hearts. Remember 500 Days of Summer (2009)? When with that ‘someone special’ we feel like everything is perfect, while it wasn’t, all this time. As the movie progresses, you see Tom, the male lead, evolving as a mature young man who turns this miserable point in his life to build himself a career in architecture. He now respects Summer’s decision to leave him and is very happy for her. Above all, the film concludes with the best hint ever- after Summer there is always Autumn!

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