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5 Reasons why you will love An Action Hero!

A superstar vs an ordinary man; seems like a plot theme you have seen or heard a hundred times. An Action Hero, which marks Anirudh Iyer’s directorial debut, is not just an ego clash between two men from different classes and professional constructs. It is a witty and entertaining action drama that picks on the right strategies and formulas to have all our attention. How you ask? I can give you five reasons why An Action Hero is a film that you are going to love:

1. Engaging action sequences

An Action Hero on Netflix Review

As someone who does not take a minute to think before skipping the action scenes, An Action Hero really got me. It is not just the well-choreographed action stunts but also the camera work that makes the entire thing extremely engaging and thrilling. None of the stunts feel out of place and manages to grab our whole attention.

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2. Humor in the most adverse situations

An Action Hero Bollywood film

Yes, An Action Hero is not just an action film. It is funny, though not in equal parts. The most funniest moments happen in the most important and tense situations which were quite unexpected. Thanks to Jaideep Ahlawat’s dead-face humor that brings in most of the humor. If you are not someone who does not follow Hindi thoroughly and depends on subtitles, some of these jokes might be lost on you.

The media trial and scrutiny that follows Maanav’s (Ayushmann Khurrana) absconding is yet another hilarious moment from the film. The way Anirudh mocks the TRP-obsessed journalism that eats on the misery of others has to be one of the best segments in the film as well.

3. An interesting narrative for the celebrity culture

As mentioned earlier, the media thrives on celebrities for their ‘rozi roti’. The way they give up on every relevant news that needs to reach the audience and zoom their cameras in on the faces of these celebrities and everything associated with them is nothing but a true picture of our celebrity-obsessed culture. The whole situation Manav gets trapped in arises due because he is a celebrity. Bhora’s (Jaideep Ahlawat) brother Vicky gets offended when he is not able to get a selfie with Manav. This leads to a mess and instead of actually seeing through the situation, everyone is in a hurry to tag him as “arrogant”, “self-obsessed” and whatnot. And once he clears his name, nobody raises any questions and now he is the “hero of our country”.

4. Ayushmann Khurrana breaking his own stereotype

ayushmann Khurrana in an action hero

Ayushmann Khurana is an actor who has given a lot of amazing movies in the last couple of years. Most of his movies have experimented with new subjects that revolve around societal issues like homosexuality, sperm donation, etc. Recently, he was criticized for typecasting himself instead of experimenting as an actor. With An action hero, he steps out of his usual template to try out a character that we would not picture him as in the first place. His chiseled abs and neat action stunt work clearly indicate the homework he has done to get into the skin of the character. His physique brings credibility to the character he plays in the film.

5. Witty and entertaining script

An Action Hero has one of the most cleverly plotted scripts you can see in recent times. It closes all subplots and with its humor and action sequences manages to keep us entertained throughout. The rapid pace of storytelling really piqued my interest.

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